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MSK Signs
Patient has weakness on external ...,
What are these lumps,
What type of fracture is this wha...
40  cards
Breaking Bad News
What model can be used to help fa...,
How should you start a consultati...,
How can active listening skills b...
27  cards
Reflex Roots
Biceps reflex,
Triceps reflex,
6  cards
Resp signs
Describe the abnormality ies,
What can hyper resonance suggest,
Describe the abnormality ies
29  cards
CVS signs
What is angular stomatitis a sign of,
What is slow rising pulse in the ...,
What is the pathology on this ecg
25  cards
GI and Groin Signs
What is this,
What is generalised guarding sugg...,
What appearance does this patient...
23  cards
Infection Station
What is the main iatrogenic preci...,
Which antibiotic is the main culp...,
How is cdiff transmitted
97  cards
What pathway is used in suspected...,
What mnemonic can be used to reme...,
What phrase can be used to rememb...
22  cards
Skills Trivia
Blue blood culture bottle is for ...,
Red blood culture bottle is for w...,
Which blood culture bottle should...
22  cards
Pre-op Management
What acronym can be used for mana...,
What does the first r stand for i...,
What does a stand for in rapriop
72  cards
Upper Limb Neuro Exam
What are some upper motor neurone...,
What are some lower motor neurone...,
What around the bed may suggest n...
103  cards
Cranial Nerve Exam
What is cn viii,
What is cn ix,
What is cn xi
52  cards
Fundoscopy and Otoscopy Signs
What is the first aspect of fundo...,
What is shown here,
What is shown here
14  cards
Cerebellar Exam
What is included in general inspe...,
What should be noted around the b...,
What should be noted regarded the...
52  cards
Lower Limb Neuro Exam
What are some upper motor neurone...,
What are some lower motor neurone...,
What around the bed may suggest n...
110  cards

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