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Phlebotomy and Cannulation
What do you need to ask about bef...,
Which bottles are drawn first,
What is the colour bottle used fo...
14  cards
What is an msu and why use it,
What would red urine indicate,
Why would urine be sweet smelling
15  cards
How to adjust the lens,
What order do you examine in
17  cards
Cardiac & Resp History Taking
What are the cardinal symptoms fo...,
Associated symptoms with chest pain,
Exacerbating relieving factors wi...
23  cards
GI History
Cardinal gi symptoms,
Change in bowel habit questions,
Dysphagia qs
11  cards
Neuro & Back History
Cardinal neuro symptoms,
Classic subdural haemorrhage,
Classic extradural haemorrhage
18  cards
Cardiac & Resp Examination
What are you looking for in the h...,
What do you do after hands in cv ...,
What do you look for in the face ...
19  cards
Peripheral Neuro Exam
What do you look for around the bed,
What do you look for in inspectio...,
What do you do after inspection f...
16  cards
Cerebellar & Eyes Examination
What is involved in a cerebellar ...,
What do you assess while standing...,
What do you do after upper limb t...
8  cards
Breast and Urological history
Features of breast lump,
Associated symptoms w breast lump,
Breast cancer risk factors
8  cards
Locomotor history
Associated locomotor symptoms,
How do you assess loss of function,
What pmh dh sh is important
8  cards
GI Examination
What are you looking for with gen...,
What do you look for in the hands...,
What do you look for in the face ...
14  cards
Communication Stations
What is the general framework for...,
What is the target inr for people...,
How would you start a warfarin co...
25  cards
IM & SC Injection Technique
What needles are used for drawing...,
What needles are used for im inje...,
What needles are used for sc inje...
14  cards
Performing 12 lead ECG
After introducing yourself id exp...,
Where do the 10 leads go,
Where do v1 and v2 go
13  cards
Breast Examination
How do you start a breast examina...,
What positions do you inspect the...,
What are you looking for in inspe...
7  cards
Vascular Examination
What are you looking for in the g...,
What do you look for in the legs ...,
How do you describe ulcers
14  cards
Explaining management and treatment
Why would you eradicate h pylori,
How do you explain h pylori eradi...,
How do you test for h pylori
22  cards
Communication & pharmacology
How do you describe statin therapy,
How do you describe inhaler techn...,
How do you counsel someone about ...
11  cards
Locomotor Examinations
How do you begin a gals assessment,
What do you comment on when looki...,
What movements do you do in gals
25  cards
Neck and thyroid
Thyroid exam general inspection,
What do you need to do a thyroid ...,
What are you inspecting for in th...
17  cards
Speech assessment
What is dysphonia,
What is dysphasia,
What is dysarthria
14  cards
O+G + Paeds
How do you assess the development...,
How do you assess the gross motor...,
How do you assess the fine motor ...
14  cards
Practical Procedures
What needs to be done before bloo...,
What do you need to check on the ...,
Explain the procedure of blood tr...
12  cards
Consenting and explaining procedures
What is an ogd,
Se of ogd,
Plan for after ogd
41  cards
What causes a raised anion gap me...,
What causes a reduced anion gap m...,
Name 4 causes of metabolic alkalosis
16  cards
Obs & Gynae Hx
What qs should be asked in a sexu...,
What qs should be asked about men...,
Gynae obs qs in a sexual history
8  cards

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