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Introduction to OSHA
What relationship does osha have ...,
When did the us congress create o...,
When did osha become public law
79  cards
Managing safety and health
What are more accidents caused by,
What is a safety and health program,
What does hasp represent
99  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Focus Four Fall Hazards
What resources does niosh have fo...,
What is a fall hazard,
What are the three type sof
79  cards
OSHA focus four electrocution hazard
What 4 types of hazards result in...,
What are the leading types of ele...,
What voltage accounts for the mos...
44  cards
OSHA focus four caught in or between
How many people die from caught i...,
Caught vs struck,
Are scaffolding demolition common...
14  cards
OSHA focus four struck by
What are the 4 types of struck by...,
What is the descending order of s...,
A hazards is any situation has th...
11  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Personal Protective Equipment
What osha sections describe the r...,
Ppe should never be seen as the,
Osha requires that workers are tr...
35  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Health Hazards in Construction
What are the two types of reactio...,
Were can you fin d info on the sa...,
What is the osha ruling when work...
33  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Stairways and Ladders
Double cleated ladder,
Job made ladders
25  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Crane Safety
What are the top 4 fatalities rel...,
Were are the specs for cranes found,
What is not included for the osha...
67  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Excavations Part 1,2,3
What is a trench,
What are the osha requirements fo...,
Osha requires air monitoring in t...
70  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Materials Handling
Were can the osha standard for me...,
2  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Scaffolding
When must scaffolding be secured ...,
What are the osha four common haz...,
What percent of injuries does sca...
17  cards
30. OSHA 30 Construction Concrete and Masonry
All reinforcing steel must be,
When must workers were fall equip...,
How much must lifting inserts be ...
6  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Hand and Power Tools
Power activated tool s must be pr...,
2  cards
34. OSHA 30 Construction Fire Prevention
Were are osha s how work regulati...,
What should never be stored toget...,
Contacts for emergency response p...
8  cards
36. OSHA 30 Construction Steel Erection
Another name for multiple lift ri...,
Thier should never be more then,
Shear extensions will be installed
6  cards
38. OSHA 30 Construction Motor Vehicles, et al.
What is required to have employee...,
What are the 5 major types of signs,
Jacob s ladder must be
4  cards
40. OSHA 30 Construction Welding and Cutting
Soldering uses metals with a melt...,
Osha requires welders to work in,
Arc welding is done with
15  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Confined Spaces
Osha confined space and construct...,
Osha s rule is estimated to preve...,
General industry standards vs osh...
14  cards
44. OSHA 30 Construction Ergonomics
Ergonomics is,
What is good ergonomics,
Ergonomic hazards can help accoun...
12  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Supervisor Safety and Health Responsibilites
What is a supervisor,
How many osha standards require e...,
6 competencies of great leaders
7  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Observe and Correct Unsafe Behavior
What is a lesser know section of ...,
What is the 5 step process for mi...,
3  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Preventing Injuries and Incidents
What are the 10 key elements to i...,
What is the most vital element in...,
4  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Introduction to NFPA70E
Were can the osha regulations for...,
What is the more regurous and est...,
Nec vs nfpa70e
25  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Hazard Recognition and Mitigation
What are the 4 hazards in constru...,
What are the 5 steps to an effect...,
Test often done to initially iden...
4  cards
OSHA 30 Construction Leading Cultural Change
Culture is to a group as personal...,
Cultures like humans strive for,
3  cards
final exam review
What type of inspection is done w...
1  cards

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