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Nitropaste nitro bid ointment,
Naloxone narcan
113  cards
EMS Systems/Roles and Responsibilities
The national highway act charged ...,
The national highway traffic safe...,
Of the four levels of prehospital...
3  cards
The Well-Being of the Paramedic
To avoid infectious diseases the ...,
Professional attributes are impor...,
Death and dying are inherent part...
5  cards
Illness and Injury Prevention
Primary injury prevention,
Secondary and tertiary prevention,
Teachable moment
4  cards
Medical/Legal Issues
All of the following are componen...,
By law the emt is allowed to rele...,
While providing patient care at a...
4  cards
The fundamental rights of any pat...,
Morals refer to the rules or stan...,
Ethics are generally considered t...
3  cards
General Principles of Pathophysiology
Which of the following structures...,
At the end of the bronchioles are...,
A thin layer of connective tissue...
5  cards
The main source of drugs is a ani...,
Which of the following is one of ...,
An example of the enteral route o...
14  cards
Paramedic Exam 1
During the initial phase of an ac...,
Which root word means blue a cyan...,
The abc s of initial patient asse...
77  cards
You are caring for a newly born i...,
You have been dispatched with the...,
Which of the following is not an ...
25  cards
The external female genitalia are...,
What part of the female genitalia...,
Whish of the following conditions...
110  cards
Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialy...,
All of the following may be assoc...,
All of the following are common c...
20  cards
Anaphylaxis and Diabetis
Which medication would be the bes...,
The first medication administered...,
_____ is a potentially life threa...
30  cards
Acute exacerbation of addison s d...,
A 36 year old female is conscious...,
Which of the following statements...
9  cards
Your patient is a 56 year old mal...,
Prehospital management of an unco...,
Your patient is a 45 year old typ...
25  cards
Barron's EMT Paramedic Exam Chapter 2 Airway and Breathing
Total lung capacity is a the amou...,
Respiratory acidosis is caused by...,
You are using an end tidal carbon...
19  cards
Final Exam 2350
Your patient is a 19 year old fem...,
All of the following may cause a ...,
An ecg monitor is useful for a ev...
57  cards
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following scenarios ...,
Which of the following best descr...
14  cards
The genetic material deoxyribonuc...
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