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Chapter 7 Q&A
A 60 yo man with history of multi...,
92 yo woman is unconscious in er ...,
21 yo pregnant woman deals with a...
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Chapter 8
1 65 yo woman with history of smo...,
2 75 yo man in a shipyard for 25 ...,
3 47 yo man with 6 week history o...
39  cards
Chapter 2 Q&A
1 23 yo woman nurses newborn and ...,
2 which mediator of inflammation ...,
3 63 yo man becomes febrile and e...
46  cards
Chapter 3 Q&A
1 74 yo woman with acute chest pa...,
2 4 yo boy falls on rusty nail an...,
3 82 yo man dies 4 years after de...
24  cards
Chapter 1 Q&A
1 bone marrow cells from organ do...,
2 50 yo chronic alcoholic present...,
3 68 yo man with gerd history has...
49  cards
Chapter 6 Q&A
1 4 yo girl presents for pe small...,
2 12 mo boy goes to er and there ...,
3 28 yo woman has stillborn with ...
42  cards
Define precision reliability of a...,
Define accuracy of a test,
Define specificity sensivity
38  cards
RBC disorders (Pathoma Robbins)
P what is the basic principle of ...,
P what does anemia present with,
P _____ _____ _____ are used as _...
91  cards
White Blood Cell disorders, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus
How does hematopoiesis occur what...,
Give two examples of leukopenia w...,
Define neutrophilic leukocytosis ...
59  cards
Vasculatis is,
What causes vasculitis what are s...,
How is vasculitis subdivided
14  cards
What is a joint describe the diff...,
Synovial joints have a n _____ su...,
Degen joint disease osteoarthriti...
11  cards
Skin Path
Give a couple functions of skin i...,
Atopic eczematous dermatitis is w...,
Contact dermatitis what s involve...
40  cards
The rest of hemostasis disorders
What is hemostasis what does it h...,
Hemostasis occurs in ____ stages ...,
Step 1 of primary hemostasis is
21  cards
Immunodeficiency disorders
For digeorge syndrome what is thi...,
Severe combined immunodeficiency ...,
X linked agammaglobulinemia what ...
39  cards
Basics of amyloidosis what about ...,
How is systemic amyloidosis divided,
For primary amyloidosis what does...
6  cards
Damjanov chapter 6
In adults where is the hematopoie...,
The hematopoietic bone marrow com...,
What are sinusoids
51  cards
Damjanov Chapter 3
Hereditary hemochromatosis is a c...,
Hfe gene is linked to what locus ...,
Activity of dmt 1 and ferroportin...
41  cards
Skin QandA explanations
Robbins 4 the figure shows a ____...,
Robbins 7 actinic keratoses are,
Robbins 8 what is producing the i...
25  cards
Joints, Vasculitis, Diseases of Immunity QandA explanations
Rubin s 21 joints juvinile arthritis,
Robbins 30 joints woman with a fo...,
Robbins 37 joints what does the p...
12  cards
White Blood Cell disorders, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus QandA
3 in addition to raynaud what is ...,
6 in dlbcl what is a particular m...,
8 a myelodysplasia is characteriz...
15  cards
RBC's Robbins, Hematopath Rubin's
Robbins 40 patient with a microcy...,
Robbins 46 myelophthisic anemias ...,
Rubin s 11 what does the figure s...
10  cards
Head and Neck Robbins
Dental caries cause age how to treat,
Gingivitis cause age sequelae tre...,
Periodontitis cause presentation ...
49  cards
Peripheral Nerves and Skeletal Muscles Robbins
If one were to cut a peripheral n...,
Mononeuropathies affect a _____ a...,
Polyneuropathies characterized by...
42  cards
The Eye Robbins
Diseases that increase orbital co...,
What can cause proptosis,
Two most common primary tumors of...
59  cards
CNS QandA Rubin's
Polymicrogyria is a,
29  cards
CNS Robbins QandA
Cjd can produce,
In vascular dementia what can be ...,
Nf1 patients have propensity for ...
13  cards
Damjanov Chapter 2
Both _____ and ______ fatigue can be,
Most common form of fatigue,
For muscular fatigue list steps o...
45  cards
Rubinsqanda vessels
10 what genetic defect can lead t...,
11 venous grafts eg saphenous vei...,
13 chf kidney disease and liver d...
11  cards
rubins heart
3 large vsds initially characteri...,
7 endocardial fibroelastosis is,
8 hyperthyroidism may lead to
14  cards
Rubin's respiratory
1 lung abscess a,
5 bronchiectasis often localized to,
6 complications of bacterial pneu...
26  cards
Robbins Vessels
1 thinning of the media not neces...,
8 something like aaa can be close...,
12 thrombophlebitis a common prob...
10  cards
Robbins Heart
3 what predicts the severity of t...,
6 a large ventricular aneurysm co...,
8 most common mutations in inheri...
16  cards
Robbins Lungs
6 figure shows red infarct typica...,
8 solitary fibrous tumor is,
13 pulmonary alveolar proteinosis...
21  cards
Damjanove Chapter 4
Zone at risk for hypoxia in the h...,
Paradoxical infarcts are due to,
Vagal stimulation has a
27  cards
Damjanov chapter 5
Bronchioli are devoid of,
Type ii pneumocytes produce,
Mucus made by mucus glands have
23  cards
Rub/Rob Kidney
Rub 4 most ectopic kidneys are lo...,
Rub 8 neoplastic plasma cells sec...,
Rub 9 amyloidosis is a well known...
29  cards
Rub/Rob Genital Tract
Rub 8 the exophytic papillary car...,
Rub 14 urethral caruncles are,
Rub 17 urethritis is the most com...
19  cards
Rub/Rob Endocrine
Rub 9 most common cause of hypopt...,
Rub 10 nontoxic goiter refers to an,
Rub 12 in mixed somatotroph lacto...
19  cards
Rub/Rob Bone/Tissue
Rub 3 congenital deficiency of 21...,
Rub 4 if a fracture site does not...,
Rub 5 multiple lytic lesions asso...
22  cards
Rubin's path unit 6
Gi 7 sliding hiatal hernias vs pa...,
Gi 8 chemical injury to the esoph...,
Gi 12 the most common type of eso...
51  cards

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