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Alterations in Fluids and Electrolytes
What are the functions of body fl...,
What is the normal range of k wit...,
What is the normal range of na wi...
87  cards
Arterial Blood Gas (ABGs) Parameters
What does the acronym abg stand for,
What do abgs tell us,
How is the blood obtained
49  cards
NCLEX Questions
A client suffering from a narcoti...,
A 42 y o male client has the foll...,
A nurse in the emergency departme...
54  cards
Cellular Adaptation, Injury, and Death
Injury or stress to cells is,
Increase in cell demand is,
Decreased stimulation or lack of ...
19  cards
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
Define acute respiratory distress...,
When you have trauma the capillar...
2  cards
Exam 1 Quiz Bowl
A patient with hypovolemic shock ...,
Which of the following laboratory...,
A male patient s x ray result rev...
23  cards
Exam 1 Blue Print
What are the laboratory findings ...,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
What does the joint deformity loo...
48  cards
Exam 2 Quiz Bowl
A male patient has a sucking stab...,
Clinical manifestations related t...,
While conversing with a patient w...
18  cards
Cerebrovascular Disorders
The nurse admits a patient to the...,
A client has signs of increased i...,
Define cerebral aneurism
23  cards
Common clinical manifestations of...,
A woman complains of morning stif...,
Nurses for caring for a client wi...
26  cards
Exam 2 Prep
What lab finding and assessment w...,
What are the proper procedures in...,
What is the cause of catheter ass...
52  cards
Quiz 3 Prep
What are the s s of tb,
What are the s s of pneumonia in ...,
What is the pathophysiology of pn...
17  cards
Exam 2 Blue Print
What lab finding and assessment w...,
What is the proper procedure if a...,
What are causes of catheter assoc...
60  cards
Quiz 4 Prep
What is the pathological process ...,
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
Regarding symptom management for ...
22  cards
Ex 2/ Q3
31  cards
Exam 3 Quiz Bowl
When teaching a patient with myas...,
The nurse monitors a client with ...,
Which of the following data would...
18  cards
Exam 3 Prep
Which patient below is not at ris...,
A patient with ckd has a low eryt...,
A 55 year old male patient is adm...
20  cards
Quiz 4 Gastrointestinal
A nurse is caring for a client wi...,
Urq pain obese woman has been dia...,
The nurse knows that the patient ...
20  cards
Tutoring for Exam 3
What is the dietary management of...,
Dietary management for a pt with ...,
Hepatic encephalopathy findings
56  cards
47  cards
Exam 4 Prep
What is the primary clinical symp...,
A patient is presenting with chro...,
The nurse concludes that a client...
33  cards
Exam 4 Quiz Bowl
Which of the following is a possi...,
A mother and 7 month old infant c...,
A 32 year old woman is admitted t...
22  cards
Quiz 5 Chronic Respiratory
A client with asthma,
What is the abnormal
20  cards
Quiz 6 Myocardial Infarction
Difference between stable and uns...,
What dx findings would you find f...,
What labs will they run for someo...
21  cards
Dietary recommendations,
Client with pancreatic cancer wha...,
A nurse prepares a client for a c...
52  cards
Remaining Chapter Questions
Which of the following blood test...,
You note in the patient s chart t...,
Which of the following symptoms u...
12  cards
Final Exam Quiz Bowl
A client diagnosed with a pulmona...,
Which of the following abnormal b...,
Which of the following heart musc...
53  cards
Final Exam Patho Tutoring
Patho of pneumothorax,
Clinical manifestations s s of te...,
Priority nursing intervention for...
99  cards

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