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What are the effects of histamine...
17  cards
Immune Session 2
A hiv positive patient is admitte...,
A client who was tested for hiv a...,
You have a patient who was recent...
19  cards
A patient with impaired blood flo...,
Which of the following would heal...,
Your pt finished a dose of antibi...
20  cards
Comprehensive Exam 1 Review
What are the functions of histami...,
What describes the patho of ppv,
What cm will you expect to see in...
30  cards
Cancer and Hematology
Which of the following are charac...,
Define oncogenesis,
Define the steps seen in carcinog...
23  cards
Vascular Disorders
Claudication pain is a common cm ...,
What cm might you see in someone ...,
Which is more dangerous stable or...
21  cards
Vascular Disorders Session 2
What is the goal of the renin ang...,
Select all the roles of angiotens...,
What is the role of aldosterone a...
16  cards
Cardiac Disorders
The nurse is performing an assess...,
The nurse is caring for a client ...,
A hospitalized client has been di...
22  cards
Respiratory Disorders
Define pulmonary perfusion q,
Define ventilation v,
Define hypercapnia
20  cards
The nurse is assessing the lower ...,
A patient has pad of both lower e...,
A client is receiving treatment f...
25  cards
When is pth secreted what is its ...,
Define a straina tear in a ligame...,
Which of the following is an exam...
24  cards
Exam 2 Review
When caring for a patient who has...,
Hypertension is known as the sile...,
The nurse notes bilateral ankle e...
31  cards
Fluid and Electrolyte Content
Which of the following are true r...,
Who is at the greatest risk for f...,
What is a normal output for a pat...
25  cards
Fluid and Electrolyte Content Part 2
What would you expect to see in a...,
Define crystalloids,
What labs would you expect to see...
18  cards
Renal Content
A urinary obstruction increases r...,
Which glomerular dysfunction is a...,
What cm would you expect to see w...
32  cards
Neuro Part One Content
What is the primary purpose of th...,
Which of the following are requir...,
T f the brain has stores of gluco...
24  cards
Neuro Part Two Content
What is the function of a myelin ...,
What is the function of the cereb...,
Your pt presents with ptosis and ...
19  cards
Exam 3 Review
A pt comes in post mvc and presen...,
What is your major concern with a...,
Which of the following is the ear...
29  cards
Neuro Part One Session 2
Select the main structures below ...,
Which patient below is at most ri...,
A patient who experienced a cereb...
20  cards
Liver, GI, Biliary
Llq pain is associated with which...,
Rlq pain is associated witha pacr...,
What is the disease defined by au...
27  cards
Endocrine Content
If a gland is removed due to illn...,
If a hormone has stimulating in i...,
Which hormones are released by th...
29  cards
Comprehensive Final Review
Natural immunity,
Acute inflammatory response,
Malignant tumor cells
25  cards
Respiratory Content Session 2
When auscultating the chest of a ...,
A client has active tb which of t...,
A client with shortness of breath...
17  cards
Exam 3 Review
The nurse is collecting data from...,
The nurse is reviewing a client s...,
What labs would you expect to see...
24  cards

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