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What is a critical regulator in t...,
Keyes contribution to caries theo...,
Mutans step role in caries progre...
18  cards
Oral Pathology and Syndromes
Describe epstein s pearls locatio...,
Describe bohn s nodules location ...,
What odontogenic cyst occurs in u...
93  cards
The critical regulator in the car...,
What disease process is 5x more c...,
The key to dental caries was disc...
57  cards
What is the most common trauma wh...,
Anticipatory trauma guidance for ...,
Aspects of neurological exam
54  cards
Growth and Development
Define growth development hypertr...,
When is the embryonic period what...,
What are the facial prominences w...
37  cards
Cephs and Occlusion
How does a lateral ceph aid in th...,
Sna definition and norm,
Snb definition and norm
38  cards
Malocclusion Management
Approx what percent of the us pop...,
Requirements for orthodontic toot...,
How does the underlying periodont...
70  cards
Ortho Complications, TMD and References
Can you be born with tmj disk dis...,
What are risk factors for tmd dys...,
Root resorption is more common wi...
17  cards
Hospital Dentistry
Mortality of 22 000 dental ga cas...,
What are the risks of no treatment,
Asa i asa ii asa iii asa iv asa v...
12  cards
Child Development and Behavior Mgmt
What quality in children is assoc...,
What is the maturational theory o...,
Psychosexual theory of child deve...
38  cards
Oral Pathology and Syndrome Pt 2
Achondroplasia genetics prevalenc...,
What are 7 major causes of dwarfism,
Hypopituitarism how do they look ...
95  cards
Meds and Doses
Cardiac conditions requiring sbe ...,
Oral sbe prophylaxis dose w and w...,
Sbe prophylaxis unable to take or...
11  cards
Oral Path 3 (march on! march onward!)
Which cutaneous ulcerative diseas...,
Systemic connective tissue diseas...,
Herpetic gingivostomatitis virus ...
31  cards
Special Needs Patients pt 1
Diabetes mellitus type i prevalen...,
Diabetes types i twin studies dem...,
Signs and symptoms of diabetes ty...
45  cards
Special needs patients part 2
Short acting bronchodilators what...,
Long term control medications wha...,
Other classes of medications for ...
42  cards
Special needs pts (sickles and seizures) part 3
Sickle cell disease inheritance w...,
Sickle cell trait,
Sickle cell anemia genetics preva...
38  cards
Special Needs Pt 4 CP and ASD
Define cerebral palsy what are sy...,
Subtypes of cerebral palsy what i...,
Cp associated findings body
28  cards
Pulp Therapy
Histologically pulp of primary te...,
Morphology of primary teeth compa...,
Symptoms suggestive of vital pulp...
26  cards
Dental Materials
Soncini 2007 rct of amalgam vs re...,
Meta analysis of sscs vs amalgams...,
Function of filler
15  cards
Blood and Lab Values
Hemoglobin normal values and low ...,
Hematocrit normal values and low ...,
Rbc normal values and low high in...
20  cards
TEETH! - Development
What is the initiator of tooth de...,
What of the tooth bud is neural c...,
What is the role of the stellate ...
14  cards
When does the face begin to devel...,
What is the number 1 branchial cl...,
Brain eyes nose when do they begi...
4  cards
Dental Anomalies
Hyperdontia perm v primary preval...,
Syndromes associated with hyperdo...,
Hypodontia perm v primary prevale...
8  cards

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