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Bone: Disorders, Cysts, & Tumors
What is a fibrous dysplasia,
What is an ossifying fibroma,
What are differences between an o...
52  cards
Motivation / Guidence
What is anticipatory guidance for...,
What position should the assistan...,
What is the goal of anticipatory ...
4  cards
What treatment increases plasma l...,
What is the best test for determi...,
Von willebrand what is it
6  cards
Oral Sed
Meperidine aka class contraindica...,
What drugs influence histamine re...,
The most common factor which can ...
5  cards
The most common cause of death in...,
A child had all and multiple gros...,
Oral signs of all
5  cards
The oral finding most commonly fo...,
Difference between adults and chi...,
Leiomyosarcoma and hiv in children
6  cards
The last speech sound a child mas...,
Speech milestones of a 1 year old,
Ankylglossia effects what most
11  cards
NNS (Non-Nutrional Sucking) Habits
Pacifier habit in infants 1 decre...,
What percent stop sucking thumb b...,
Potential problem with prolonged ...
6  cards
Downs Syndrome / Autism
Syndrome associated with abnormal...,
Females with autism have a higher...,
Self injurious behavior is common...
7  cards
Research Terms Aka NERDS 🤓
When reporting epidemiologic data...,
What percentage of the observatio...,
What is a crossover study
18  cards
A twelve year old female with a h...,
Symptoms for type 1 diabetes,
What is polydipsia
12  cards
Nutrition / Health / Social Issues
Fetal alcohol syndrome clinical f...,
What percentage of teenagers smoke,
The most common side effect of in...
49  cards
Nitrous Oxide
What are the long term side effec...,
Nitrous oxide in the first 3 5 mi...,
What decreases the minimum alveol...
11  cards
In Office Emergency
What drug s are administered if a...,
Syncope what is it order of treat...,
What is a carpopedal spasm what d...
11  cards
In an acute asthma attack what ce...,
What are common oral findings of ...,
What medications should be avoide...
28  cards
Cleft Lip / Palate
What is the main purposes for bon...,
When is the best timing for bone ...,
Cleft nose is different how
19  cards
Pulps and Nerves
What embryonic tissues are stimul...,
What is the difference between ap...,
Most common effect of internal bl...
55  cards
Soft Tissue Anomolies
Congenital epulis aka characteris...,
Pyogenic granuloma,
Peripheral ossifying fibroma
8  cards
What is the primary immunoglobuli...,
What is the primary buffer in saliva,
What is the normal ph for saliva
11  cards
Hand foot and mouth disease,
Pathonomonic definition finding i...,
Kawasaki disease
6  cards
Dental Materials
What is the role of copper in den...,
What dental materials are ok for ...,
Resin infiltration for what purpo...
17  cards
Regulations / Sterilization
What is recommendations for denta...,
What is used to sterilize alginate,
Intermediate vs high level disinf...
10  cards
Anug treatment planning,
Anug cause presentation,
Black stain on teeth bacterial
10  cards
Emegencies / Trauma
What is the acronym sport for any...,
What is the different classificat...,
What are early signs manifestatio...
54  cards
Behavior and Ethics
Patients who are at higher risk f...,
What is flacc,
What age and over can the wong ba...
32  cards
Local Anesthetics
What is the aha guidelines regard...,
Local anesthetics block nerve con...,
What is levonordefrin
13  cards
T f the younger the individual an...,
Radiation dosimetry how are units...,
Radiographic contrast
61  cards
Dental Caries
What categorizes incipient decay,
What is the effect on radiographs...,
Besides being a periapical absces...
14  cards
Growth / Tooth Development
Average eruption time for permane...,
What is the first stage of tooth ...,
Calcification timing for all prim...
55  cards
Fluoride / Caries Prevention
What is the concentration of fluo...,
What is the lethal dose of fluoride,
Prevident and ppm
60  cards
Syndromes / Pathologies
What are the three types of crani...,
Digeorge syndrome,
Papillon lefevre syndrome
20  cards
The foramen magnum presents which...,
What are the cranial base planes,
What is the frankfort horizontal ...
139  cards
Anatomy / Physiology
Describe the tonsil size classifi...,
What two or three anatomical feat...,
What does the thymus do
41  cards
Meds - Prescriptions -Immunizations
What are cyclosporins,
How do corticosteroids work,
What are some common steroid inha...
68  cards
Immunology - Cancers - Blood Cells
What is a granulocyte,
Name the 5 types of wbc,
What is a monocyte
40  cards
Viruses And Bacterias
Coxsackie a,
What is the most common bacteria ...,
T f infants born via c section ar...
35  cards
Dental Anomalies 🦷
49  cards
What are the most common mandibul...,
What can result from closed reduc...,
What occlusal factors are associa...
23  cards
What does a low etco2 indicate,
Dosage for ketamine,
What is alveolar dead space
58  cards

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