pediatric eor exam

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Pediatric Dermatology
What is the pathogenesis of acne ...,
Why does acne vulgaris tend to st...,
Mc places for acne
147  cards
Developmental Assessment and Growth Abnormalities
What is developmental surveillance,
What are the key elements of deve...,
T f developmental assessment shou...
115  cards
Pediatric cardiology
What is the etiology of rheumatic...,
What is the characteristic histol...,
What is the mc valve effected by ...
39  cards
Developemental milestones
0 1 months,
2 months,
4 months
8  cards
Bone Tumors
Characteristics of benign bone tu...,
Characteristics of malignant bone...,
Goal of the diagnostic evaluation...
96  cards
Pediatric Neurology and Developement
What is the anticipatory guidance...,
What is the teething process,
What is the guidance for car seats
38  cards
Pediatric GI/Nutrition
What is the etiology of appendicitis,
What are the s s of appendicitis,
How do you diagnose appendicitis
61  cards
Pediatric Pulmonology
What is the pathophysiology behin...,
What is the mc population for bro...,
What is the mcc of bronchiolitis
61  cards
Infectious Disease
What is the presentation of mycop...,
What are the atypical causes of p...,
How do you diagnose mycoplasma pn...
63  cards
Pediatric Urology/Renal
What is the expectation for crypt...,
What would you do on pe for crypt...,
What are the indications for refe...
45  cards
Child abuse and neglect
What is the minimum definition of...,
What are the 4 types of abuse,
What is considered sexual contact
68  cards
Pediatric seizures
Normal brain function requires a ...,
What is the definition of a seizure,
What is the definition of a seizu...
93  cards
What is the etiology of aom,
What are the mc organisms for aom,
How do eustachian tubes of childr...
73  cards
Peds Eating Disorders
What is the definition of body image,
What are the two main factors tha...,
What is perception
70  cards
Pediatric Hematology
Hemophilia and their correlated c...,
S s of hemophilia,
Diagnosis of hemophilia
64  cards
Peds Behavioral/psych
What is the diagnostic criteria f...,
What are the somatic s s related ...,
What are screening tools for gad
71  cards
Pediatrics endocrinology
S s of general dm,
Etiology of t1dm vs t2dm,
S s of t1dm
35  cards
Peds Ortho and rheumatology
What is legg calve perthes disease,
S s of lcpd,
Diagnosis of lcpd
32  cards
Peds Obesity
Aap suggests exclusive breastfeed...,
When should you wean a baby off b...,
What are advantages of breastfeeding
63  cards
Vaccine guidelines
What vaccines are given at birth,
2 month vaccines,
4 month vaccines
13  cards

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