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Prenatal Infections
General theme,
12  cards
Antibiotics and Infections
Acute otitis media,
Strep throat,
14  cards
Fluids and Electrolytes
Maintenance fluid,
Bolusing fluid,
Fluid deficits
8  cards
Viral Gastroenteritis and Pyloric Stenosis
Transmission of viral gastroenter...,
Fluid therapy for dehydration,
Electrolyte abnormalities with py...
18  cards
Vomiting and DKA
Increased risk of dehydration in ...,
Diagnosing diabetes,
Diagnosing dka
27  cards
Nephrotic syndrome
Presentation of periorbital swelling,
Question to ask if presented with...,
Physical signs of heart failure
26  cards
Congential CMV
Risks for infants of adolescent m...,
Tobacco effects,
Alcohol affects
32  cards
Well child visits,
Nutrition guidance,
Caloric requirements of 1 2 month...
27  cards
Vaccines and fever,
Fever without a source,
Possible etiologies serious bacte...
23  cards
Kawasaki Disease
Irritability in a child may mean,
Rashes in kids with fever,
30  cards
Dermatology terminology,
42  cards
Respiratory Distress
Risk factors for neonatal respira...,
Respiratory distress syndrome in ...,
Transient tachypnea of newborn
29  cards
Chronic Abdominal pain
Qualities of pain,
Functional abdominal pain,
Ab pain in kids dont miss
23  cards
Interviewing new parents,
Newborn bilirubin physiology
28  cards
Child Abuse
Infant colic,
19  cards
Unresponsive kid ddx,
Seizure vs seizure like activity,
General tonic clonic
31  cards
Tension headaches,
Migraines in kids,
Precipitating and alleviating fac...
27  cards
Foreign body/obstruction
Etiology of wheezing,
Asthma pathophys,
Asthma symptoms
26  cards
Newborn visit checklist,
Weight gain in newborn period,
26  cards
Giving advice over phone,
Infants less than 6 8 weeks with ...,
Asking about severity of illness
34  cards
Acute Otitis Media
Decongestants in kids under 2,
Ddx for fever and cough,
Allergic rhinitis
18  cards
Pathphys of cough,
Assessing kids in respiratory dis...,
Causes of cough in kids
40  cards
Transient Synovitis
Accidental vs nonaccidental bruising,
History from child with limp,
Developmental dysplasia of hip
18  cards
Failure to thrive,
Feeding patterns in young infants,
Ddx for respiratory distress and ...
26  cards
Urgent findings that need interve...,
Mechanism of petechiae and purpura,
Get the patients perspective
22  cards
Pain assessment,
Adolescent interview,
Ddx for ab pain and vomiting
20  cards
Pneumonic for altered mental status,
Rapid initial eval in ams,
Hypoglycemia hypotension tachycardia
21  cards
Cystic Fibrosis
Normal infant weight gain,
Maternal causes of low weight gain,
Failure to thrive
15  cards
Cerebral Palsy
Corrected age for development,
What patient wants to get out of ...,
Common questions about walking in...
27  cards
Down Syndrome
Ddx for hypotonia in newborn
20  cards
Sickle Cell
Comprehensive clinics,
Sickle cell disease pathophys,
Sickle cell traits
24  cards
Sports physical
Preparticipation evaluation,
Evaluation of syncope
20  cards
Female health maintenance
Adolescent interview,
Signs of hypothyroidism in adoles...,
Menses in adolescents
21  cards
3-year old well-child
Vision and hearing screen,
3 year old health maintenance visit,
Early childhood assessment
26  cards
8-year old well-child
Weight age,
Height age
25  cards
Developmental Wheel
3 month milestones,
6 month milestones,
9 month milestones
9  cards

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