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Eigrp traits,
Eigrp protocol
39  cards
Ospf traits,
Ospf autonomous system as,
Ospf area
51  cards
Bgp asn ranges,
Bgp traits,
Bgp data structures tables
24  cards
Multicast address ranges,
Multicast models,
Multicast service model components
28  cards
Port address translation pat,
Nat disadvantages,
Nat address types
5  cards
Infrastructure Security
Acl wildcard masking,
Acl abbreviations
23  cards
Enterprise Network Security Architecture
72  cards
Secure Access Control
Types of password protection,
Password hash types,
Command to configure enable secre...
32  cards
Wireless Principles
Alternating current ac
65  cards
Wireless Deployments
Wlan deployments,
Wlan deployment autonomous,
Wlan deployment centralized
16  cards
Wireless Roaming & Location Services
Causes of roaming,
Active scan,
Directed probe
26  cards
Wireless AP Services
Universal ap,
Manual priming,
Automatic priming
26  cards
Wireless Client Authentication
Wired equivalent privacy wep,
Wi fi protected access 2 wpa2,
Wpa2 personal mode
51  cards
Troubleshooting Wireless
Wifi tools,
Spectrum analysis tools,
Wifi scanning tools
22  cards
Introducing Virtualization Protocols & Techniques
Communications collaborations gro...,
Virtualization benefits
14  cards
Virtual Private Networks & Interfaces
Typical vpn technologies used in ...,
Site to site vpn bullet points,
Dynamic multipoint vpn dmvpn
30  cards
Network Services
Ntp versions,
36  cards
Network Analysis Tools
Elements of diagnosis,
Router categories,
Cpu functions
22  cards
Python Basics
Reasons to use python,
Python helper functions,
Python readability tips
6  cards
Network Programmability Protocols
0  cards
Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center
Cisco digital network architectur...,
Dna center benefits,
Dna center components
39  cards
Cisco SD-Access Solution
Some key benefits about the cisco...,
Cisco sd access fabric terminology,
Cisco sd access underlay
4  cards
Cisco SD-WAN
Cisco sd wan benefits,
Vsmart controllers,
Cisco vbond orchestrator
15  cards
DNA Center APIs and vManage
Here is a basic description of ea...,
Communication with the data plane...,
Southbound apis
8  cards
Implementing Site-to-Site VPN Solutions
The three typical logical vpn top...,
In addition to the three main vpn...,
The figure shows the deployment o...
6  cards

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