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Chapter 1 - Income Tax
What are the main income tax allo...,
How much is the personal allowanc...,
Over what income level does the p...
54  cards
Chapter 2 - National Insurance
How many classes of national insu...,
Over what amount do employees sta...,
On what level of earnings do empl...
17  cards
Chapter 3 - Capital Gains Tax
What counts as a disposal for cgt...,
How do transfers between spouses ...,
How is cgt calculated on death
13  cards
Chapter 4 - Inheritance Tax
What is the death rate of iht,
What is the lifetime rate of iht,
If an individual leaves 10 or mor...
34  cards
Chapter 5 - Residence and Domicile
What are the conditions for being...,
What are the conditions for being...,
What is classes as a day in the u...
21  cards
Chapter 6 - Self Assessment
Who would generally be expected t...,
What are the important deadlines ...,
What are the important deadlines ...
13  cards
Chapter 7 - Stamp Duty
What is stamp duty land tax,
What part of the purchase price i...,
Additional residential properties...
6  cards
Chapter 8 - VAT and Corporation Tax
What are the main rates of vat in...,
Explain how the the vat system works,
What is the set limit that a trad...
12  cards
Chapter 9 - Direct Investments
At what rates would savings inter...,
What are the 2 payments an indivi...,
How is a cash bonus paid as part ...
35  cards
Chapter 10 - Indirect Investments
State the main benefits of invest...,
What are the 3 options at retirem...,
What is the maximum amount an ind...
30  cards
A client has earned income of 80 ...,
Client earns 9 500 from employmen...,
Client earns 14 000 from employme...
53  cards

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