pharmacy: pre registration

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Cardiovascular System
What is a complication of af,
What are the two types of control...,
How would you react to an acute p...
63  cards
Dyspepsia what is it what are the...,
Dyspepsiawhat are the danger symp...,
Dyspepsia differential diagnosis
6  cards
MEP: Professional Conduct
A profession can be described as ...,
A professional can be described as,
Pharmacy professionalism can be d...
7  cards
MEP: Professional Development
Revalidation helps pharmacy profe...,
To revalidate pharmacy profession...,
What is the rps advanced credenti...
5  cards
MEP: Patient or person centred healthcare
Name some common themes of person...,
Examples of person centred health...,
Give examples of being culturally...
3  cards
MEP: Patient safety
What is a punitive culture,
Why is a no blame culture inadequate,
What is a just culture and why do...
12  cards
MEP: Pharmaceutical care
Pharmaceutical care definition,
Primary care network europe pcne ...,
Key components of pharmaceutical ...
9  cards
MEP: Classification of medicines
Important legislation in the mep,
What are the three classes of med...,
What are general sale medicines
8  cards
MEP: Professional and legal issues: pharmacy medicines
What are pseudoephedrine and ephe...,
The legal restrictions on the sal...,
Signs of possible misuse of ephed...
16  cards
MEP: Professional and legal issues: prescription-only medicines
Name the 7 prescription requirements,
What is an advanced electronic si...,
What is the law around prescripti...
102  cards
MEP: Vet
In what circumstances can a pharm...,
What is a pom v,
What is a pom vps
19  cards
MEP: Controlled Drugs
Legislation applicable to cds and...,
What is the 1971 act,
What act introduced the concept o...
59  cards
High risk meds
What are high risk drugs,
What is the half life of amiodarone,
Monitoring required for amiodarone
83  cards
Gent peak
9  cards
Name some drugs that cause hypo k...,
Name some drugs that cause hyper ...,
Name some drugs that cause hypo n...
129  cards
OTC ages
Acetic acid
67  cards
Law Quick Fire
Conditions for an emergency suppl...,
What needs to be in the pom regis...,
What prescribers are allowed on a...
33  cards
What is counted as hyperlipidameia,
Target total cholesterol,
Target ldl
13  cards

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