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Plato and Aristotle Scholars
Aquinas on aristotle,
Dawkins on aristotle,
Russell on aristotle
9  cards
Ontological Argument Scholars
7  cards
Attributes of God Scholars
Biblical examples of gods omnipot...
13  cards
Problem of Evil Scholars
Dawkins on augustinian theodicy,
Schliermacher on augustinian theo...,
Dz phillips on the iranaean theodicy
8  cards
Religious Experience Scholars
7  cards
Teleological Argument Scholars
John stuart mill
3  cards
Cosmological Argument Scholars
3  cards
Soul Mind & Body Scholars
Dawkins on mind body and soul,
Skinner on mind body and soul,
Descartes on the mind body and soul
6  cards
Religious Language Scholars
John hick,
Paul tillich,
Pseudo dionysus
8  cards
Plato and Aristotle- A02 and Essay Plans
Strengths of the analogy of the cave,
Criticisms of the analogy of the ...,
Platos theory of forms is convincing
14  cards
Ontological Argument - AO2 and Essay Plans
Strengths of st anselms ontologic...,
Weaknesses of anselms ontological...,
The ontological argument is convi...
7  cards
Attributes of God- AO2 and Essay Plans
Boethius was successful in his ar...,
Boethius was successful in his ar...,
How far is it to claim that an om...
7  cards
Teleological Argument AO2 and Essay Plans
There is no design in the universe,
There is design in the universe,
Strengths of the argument
6  cards
Cosmological Argument AO2 and Essay Plans
The cosmological argument is cohe...,
The cosmological argument is not ...,
Arguments supporting aquinas 1st ...
9  cards
Religious Experience AO2 and Essay Plans
Religious experiences are caused ...,
Religious experiences are not cau...,
Critically evaluate the views and...
12  cards
Problem of Evil AO2 and Essay Plans
There is no satisfactory answer t...,
There is a satisfactory answer to...,
Strengths of soul making theodici...
8  cards
Soul Mind & Body AO2 and Essay Plans
I am a body makes more sense,
I have a body makes more sense,
Substance dualism is convincing
14  cards
Religious Language AO2 and Essay Plans
The verification principle offers...,
The verification principle offers...,
The falsification principle offer...
10  cards

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