physical assessment

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Chapter 9, module 3; Confusion in Older Adults
Reversible causes of dementia are,
Modifiable causes of dementia are,
Irreversible causes of dementia are
19  cards
Chapter 8, module 5; Chest Pain
Substernal chest pressure followi...,
Normal examination possible trans...,
Diagnostic studies for stable ang...
60  cards
Chapter 11, Module 5; Cough
Acute onset low grade fever rhino...,
Nasal mucosa red and swollen phar...,
Diagnostic test for nasopharyngitis
75  cards
Chapter 14, Module 5; Dyspnea
Acute onset dyspnea cough mild to...,
Restlessness fever tachycardia ta...,
Diagnostic studies of pulmonary e...
54  cards
Chapter 26, Module 5; Palpitations
Cad lightheadedness syncope chest...,
Pulse deficit irregular heartbeat...,
Diagnostic studies of cardiac arr...
24  cards
Chapter 33, Module 5; Syncope
Shortness of breath chest pain pa...,
May have bradycardia or tachycard...,
Diagnostics for organic heart dis...
45  cards
Chapter 41, Module 5; Chest X-Ray
Normal findings of clavicles,
Abnormal findings of clavicles,
Suggested cause of clavicles
42  cards
Chapter 13 Module 6; Dizziness
Elderly acute onset recurrent ver...,
Symptoms of brainstem vertebrobas...,
Diagnostic studies of brainstem d...
50  cards
Chapter 19; Module 6; Headache
Common in adults bilateral pain g...,
Normal physical examination neck ...,
Diagnostic studies of tension typ...
75  cards
Chapter 22, module 6; LE Limb Pain
Repetitive trauma activities pain...,
Swelling over tendon crepitus,
Diagnostic studies for tenosynovi...
126  cards
Chapter 23, Module 6; UE Limb Pain
Description have patient supinate...,
Findings a positive test produces...,
Description ask patient to extern...
84  cards
Chapter 24, Module 6; Lower back pain (acute)
Trauma to spine or back pain is f...,
Palpable tenderness over site of ...,
Diagnostic studies of spinal frac...
63  cards
Chapter 3, Module 7; Abdominal Pain
Age 10 20 yr although it can occu...,
Patient lying still involuntary g...,
Diagnostic studies for appendicitis
110  cards
Chapter 10, Module 7; Constipation
Low dietary fiber and bulk inadeq...,
Normal abdominal and rectal exami...,
Diagnostic studies for simple con...
27  cards
Chapter 12, Module 7; Diarrhea
Abrupt onset 6 12 hr after exposu...,
In children can see severe dehydr...,
Diagnostic studies for viral gast...
78  cards
Chapter 20, Module 7; Heartburn and Indigestion
Infants spitting up 3 5 times a d...,
Physical findings of ger,
Diagnostic studies for ger
51  cards
Chapter 29, Module 7; Rectal Pain, itching and bleeding
Cutting or tearing pain during de...,
Physical findings of anal fissure,
Diagnostic studies of anal fissure
57  cards
Chapter 8, Module 5; PTQ
A 21 year old college senior pres...,
A 47 year old receptionist comes ...,
A 17 year old high school senior ...
22  cards
Chapter 9, Module 5; PTQ
You are performing a thorough car...,
What is responsible for the inspi...,
A 25 year old optical technician ...
35  cards
Chapter 12, Module 5; PTQ
A 57 year old maintenance worker ...,
A 72 year old teacher comes to yo...,
A 68 year old retired truck drive...
20  cards
Chapter 16, Module 6; PTQ
You are assessing a patient with ...,
You are assessing a patient with ...,
A 19 year old college sophomore c...
28  cards
Chapter 17, Module 6; PTQ
A 28 year old book editor comes t...,
A 7 year old child is brought to ...,
A 37 year old insurance agent com...
27  cards
Chapter 11, Module 7; PTQ
A 52 year old secretary comes to ...,
A 46 year old former salesman pre...,
A 21 year old receptionist comes ...
29  cards
Chapter 15, Module 7; PTQ
A 36 year old married bank teller...,
A 42 year old house painter comes...,
A 75 year old retired constructio...
18  cards
Chapter 8 Bates reading; Thorax and lung
________ intercostal space for ne...,
_______ intercostal space for che...,
_____ for the lower margin of an ...
22  cards
Chapter 9, Module 5; Cardiovascular System
In supine patients the diameter o...,
For example in patients with chro...,
Rarely in situs inversus and dext...
50  cards
Complete head to toe assessment
1 the first thing you do when you...,
2 head head is,
3 eyes eyebrows eyelids nasolabia...
60  cards

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