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Pre-Operative Evaluation (Exam I)
What is the formula for bmi,
What is the imperial formula for bmi,
What mnemonic guides an emergent ...
43  cards
Physical Examination (Exam I)
Is temperature a core qi measure,
What would be expected with tympa...,
What would be expected with reson...
83  cards
Ultrasound (Exam I)
Ultrasound is defined as sound wi...,
What type of ultrasound probe pro...,
What type of ultrasound probe pro...
34  cards
Algorithms (Exam I)
What are the two most important s...,
What are the defibrillation doses...,
What dose frequency of epinephrin...
32  cards
Basic & Advanced EKG (Exam I)
What ion is responsible,
What should the duration of a p w...,
What should the duration of a pr ...
89  cards
Airway (Exam II)
How many turbinates are there,
Which turbinate does the endotrac...,
What is necessary for bleeding re...
96  cards
Musculoskeletal Diseases (Exam II)
What is the pathophysiology of sc...,
What mnemonic guides the main sym...,
What skin and musculoskeletal abn...
66  cards
Valvular Heart Disease (Exam II)
What is the incidence of valvular...,
What is the nyha functional class...,
What causes a murmur
60  cards
Ischemic Heart Disease (Exam II)
What chemical mediators are relea...,
What is the path for cardiac pain...,
What is the cns response to cardi...
92  cards
Endocrine (Exam II)
What is the purpose of the pancre...,
What types of endocrine cells are...,
What three areas use 85 of glucos...
59  cards
Blood Disorders (Exam II)
What are the s s of vwf disorder,
What would lab values be for some...,
What is the treatment for vwf def...
49  cards
Blood Products and Transfusion (Exam II)
What is the volume of the blood,
What percentage of blood volume i...,
Which blood product has an risk o...
93  cards
GI Diseases (Exam III)
What are general symptoms of esop...,
Differentiate dysphagia and odyno...,
What is a normal les lower esopha...
73  cards
Renal Diseases (Exam III)
Which vertebrae are the kidney s ...,
Which kidney is slightly more pos...,
What stimulates erythropoeitin re...
91  cards
Hepatic Diseases (Exam III)
How much blood is contained in th...,
What positioning is often necessa...,
How much bile is produced by the ...
82  cards
Neurologic Diseases (Exam III)
What vessels provide the blood fl...,
Name the pertinent vasculature of...,
What factors affect cerebral bloo...
97  cards
Vascular Disease (Exam III) Stephen's Cards
What are some coexisting diseases...,
What percentage of vascular surg ...,
If the surgical site has sclerosi...
91  cards
Hemostasis and Coagulation (Exam III) Stephen's Cards
About how long can clot dissoluti...,
Coagulation proteins are typicall...,
What are two reason why clotting ...
84  cards
Kahoot Questions (Exam III)
T f a normal bun concentration is...,
Which of the following drugs unde...,
The ideal volatile anesthetic for...
46  cards
Hypertension (Exam IV)
Which ethnicity is most affected ...,
Hypertension is defined as sustai...,
Hypertension is defined as sustai...
40  cards
Heart Failure (Exam IV)
What ejection fraction would char...,
What ejection fraction would char...,
Which type of heart failure is ch...
34  cards
Obstructive Lung Disease (Exam IV) Stephen's Cards
What is obstructive sleep apnea,
What 3 things will polysomnograph...,
What is the definition of apnea
78  cards
Restrictive Lung Disease (Exam IV)
Tlc is ________ of normal in mild...,
Tlc is ________ of normal in mild...,
Tlc is ________ of normal in mild...
50  cards
Self Assessment Questions for Exam IV (Erickson) Andy's Cards
Which drug class prolongs the lif...,
The most significant predictor of...,
Which diagnostic data correlates ...
26  cards

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