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Thermal Energy PPT 1
Joules experiment,
How does heat travel,
Waht is kinetic theory
13  cards
Thermal Equilibrium
2  cards
Latent Heat
What happens when a solid is heat...,
What happens when a liquid is hea...,
What happens when heat is transfe...
7  cards
Heating and Cooling Systems
What does the cars cooling system...,
What is a pump,
What is a thermostat
13  cards
Methods of Thermal EnergyTransfer
What is conduction,
What is natural convection,
What is the most common natural c...
13  cards
What is efficiency,
Efficiency formula,
3  cards
What is the mass number,
What is the atomic number,
Formula for neutrons
15  cards
Types of radiation
What happens when nuclear radiati...,
What are alpha particles,
Why does alpha radiation have hig...
23  cards
Radioactive Half Life
1  cards
Nuclear Fission
What is nuclear fission,
What is e mc 2,
What i
4  cards
Chain Reactions and Nuclear Reactors
When does nuclear fission happen,
What are nuclei that are able to ...,
How are neutrons released in a fi...
21  cards
When does fusion occur,
How much energy does fusion react...,
Why are fusion reactions an infea...
4  cards
Electric Charges and Fields
How is charge represented,
P and e charge,
What are charged objects
12  cards
Energy and Power in Circuits
What is an electric circuit,
Parts of electric circuit,
What happens in electrical circuits
8  cards
Series and Parallel Circuits
What happens in a series circuit,
Current and voltage in a circuit,
Equivalent resistance in series c...
7  cards
What are waves,
Electromagnetic waves,
Mechanical waves
11  cards
Reflections and Rarefactions
21  cards
Diffraction and Interfraction
What is diffraction,
What does amount of diffraction d...,
Wavelength relationship with diff...
17  cards
Standing Waves 1
What happens to wave when they hi...,
What happens when a transverse wa...,
What is a standing wave
10  cards
Standing Wave 2
What happens when a transverse wa...,
2  cards

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