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Unit 1.7 Particles and Nuclear structure - Matter
What are smaller than the atom th...,
How many generations of matter ar...,
Which generation do the quarks an...
151  cards
Unit 1.6 - Using radiation to investigate stars
What do stars constantly emit,
Where does the continuous spectru...,
Describe the atmosphere of the st...
145  cards
Unit 1.1 - Basic Physics
What includes the 7 basic units,
What does the si system stand for,
What can all units be derived from
193  cards
Unit 1.1 - Vector Or Scalar?
26  cards
Unit 1.2 - Kinematics
Displacement unit,
What s the difference between dis...
187  cards
Unit 1.3 - Dynamics
Does an object always follow the ...,
Does a spaceship s velocity once ...,
What does net force in a directio...
212  cards
Unit 1.4 - Energy Concepts
Work definition,
The transfer of energy as an obje...,
Work done formula
113  cards
Unit 1.5 - Solids Under Stress
What happens when an object is su...,
When does an object stretch,
Tensile force
288  cards
Unit 2.1 - Conduction of electricity
What are electrical currents caus...,
What does the movement of electro...,
What type of charges is it that a...
63  cards
Unit 2.2 - Resistance
What does the flow of charge allo...,
What do potential differences cau...,
114  cards
Unit 2.3 - DC Circuits
What is current,
How does the number of charges fl...,
What is equal in terms of charges...
141  cards
Unit 2.4 - The Nature of Waves
Progressive waves,
What does a progressive wave involve,
85  cards
Unit 2.5 - The Properties of Waves
Which waves undergo diffraction,
What s the word for the effect ob...
176  cards
Unit 2.6 - Refraction of light
When does light refract,
What do light waves do as they cr...,
Where do we measure angles of ref...
154  cards
Unit 2.7 - Photons
Draw the set up for the gold leaf...,
What are the exact conditions req...,
What happens when all the conditi...
218  cards
Unit 2.8 - Lasers
What does the word laser stand for,
Stimulated emission of light,
Describe the stimulated photon re...
81  cards
Unit 3.1 - Circular Motion
Definition of period in waves,
Definition of frequency in waves,
When referring to circular motion...
79  cards
Unit 3.2 - Vibrations
2 categories of all motions,
Periodic motion,
What s the problem with the patte...
169  cards
Equation for logarithms in logari...,
How do we remember the logarithms...,
Logarithms equation in exponentia...
22  cards
Unit 3.6 - Nuclear energy
Binding energy,
What can we know about the nucleu...,
How do we work out the number of ...
115  cards
Unit 3.5 - Nuclear Decay
What may radioactive substances do,
3 kinds of radiations,
Alpha particles symbolnatureconsi...
122  cards
Unit 3.3 - Kinetic theory
In which century were a great num...,
How were natural laws named in th...,
Who built the equipment for the e...
120  cards
Unit 3.4 - Thermal Physics
What is temperature associated with,
What is heat,
What can heat do and what does th...
175  cards
Unit 4.1 - Capacitance
What happens when a capacitor is ...,
What do the electrons do when a c...
179  cards
Unit 4.2 - Electrostatic and gravitational fields
What s similar bout electrostatic...,
What does the gravitational field...,
When is using the constant accele...
202  cards
Unit 4.3 - Orbits and the wider universe
What do we apply in this unit,
What happens if the initial speed...,
If a cannonball was fired from th...
206  cards
Unit 4.4 - Magnetic fields
What are magnetic fields also kno...,
From which part of a magnet to wh...,
Symbol for magnetic field
231  cards
Unit 4.5 - Electromagnetic Induction
What is electromagnetic indication,
What is used to generate electric...
111  cards
Option - Medical Physics
What are x rays,
What can x rays do,
What can x rays do since they can...
226  cards

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