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Lecture 1: Introduction to Pharmacology
What is pharmacology,
How is pharmacology different tha...,
What are receptors
12  cards
Lecture 2: How Drugs Bind to Their Targets
What are intracellular receptors,
What are g protein coupled receptors,
What does the activation of g pro...
27  cards
Lecture 3: How Drugs Bind to Their Targets (Part 2)
What does agonism mean,
What does antagonism mean,
What are competitive antagonists
15  cards
Lecture 4: How Drugs Are Eliminated
What is a competitive drug,
What is a irreversible competitiv...,
What are non0
31  cards
Lecture 5: How Do We Know If a Drug Works
What is pharmacology,
What are clinical trails,
What are phase 1 clinical trials
14  cards
Lecture 6 - Navigating the Pharmacy
How are drugs defined in canada,
How are drugs regulated in canada,
What should you keep in mind in a...
8  cards
Lecture 7: Drugs Used to Manage High Blood Pressure (Part 1)
What is blood pressure,
How does blood pressure change du...,
What is classified as high blood ...
15  cards
Lecture 8: Drugs Used to Manage High Blood Pressure (Part 2)
What are the characteristics of a...,
What are the characteristics of b...,
What are the characteristics of b...
16  cards
Lecture 9: Atherosclerosis (Stains and Fibrates)
What is lipid transport throughou...,
What are lipoproteins,
What are the risks of lipid imbal...
14  cards
Lecture 10: Over The Counter Medication (Analgesics)
What is the pain pathway,
What are nociceptors in relation ...,
What are transient receptor poten...
18  cards
Lecture 11: Over The Counter Medication (Cough and Cold)
What are the characteristics of t...,
What symptoms do cough and cold m...,
What is the cough reflex
22  cards
Lecture 12: Over The Counter Medication (Allergy and Insomnia)
What are allergies,
How does the allergy mechanism in...,
What are histamine receptors
16  cards
Lecture 13: Over The Counter Drugs (Digestion)
What are common maladies that can...,
What is acid peptic disease,
What is the physiology of acid se...
26  cards
Lecture 14: Cannabis & Cannabinoids
What is the definition of cannabis,
What is the definition of cannabi...,
What are terpenoid non cannabinoi...
37  cards
Lecture 15: Opioids (Part 1)
What is opium,
What are opiates,
What is an opioid
27  cards
Lecture 16: Opioids (Part 2)
What are the characteristics of o...,
What are the characteristics of o...,
What are the characteristics of o...
32  cards
Lecture 17: Pharmacology of Ethanol
What is alcohol,
How much etoh is in one drink,
What are the different levels of ...
28  cards
Lecture 18: Pharmacological Interventions for Psychosis
What is the definition of the ter...,
What is psychosis,
What is schizophrenia
31  cards
Lecture 19: Drugs Used To Treat Seizure Disorders
What is the definition of a seizure,
What is the definition of epilepsy,
What is the mechanism of seizures
27  cards
Lecture 20: Hallucinogens
What are hallucinogens,
What are the four classes of hall...,
What are classical psychedelics
23  cards
Lecture 21: Migraine
What is the definition of a migraine,
What is migraine aura,
What is migraine epidemiology
28  cards
Lecture 22: Pharmacological Interventions for Depression
What is depression,
What are the symptoms of depression,
What are emotions
22  cards
Lecture 23: Drug Therapy in Geriatrics
Why is geriatrics a unique specialty,
What is the definition of life span,
What is the definition of life ex...
44  cards
Lecture 24: Drug Development (Clinical Trials)
What is a clinical trial,
What are features of clinical trials,
Why do we need clinical trials
7  cards
Lecture 25: Adrenocorticosteroids
What are secretions of the medulla,
What are secretions of the cortex,
What are mineralocorticoids
34  cards
Lecture 26 & 27: Immunopharmacology
What are the three main applicati...,
Why do we use immunosuppressants,
What is rheumatoid arthritis
22  cards
Lecture 28: Antibiotics
What is the definition of an anti...,
What is bacteria,
What are the criteria for bacteri...
30  cards
Lecture 29: Antiviral Medications
What are viruses,
What are virions,
What is a viral range
30  cards
Lecture 30: Cancer Chemotherapy
What is cancer,
What are the causes of cancer,
What is the relationship between ...
37  cards
Lecture 31: Thyroid Gland Pharmacology
What is the thyroid gland,
What are the two classes of hormo...,
What are the multiple levels of h...
37  cards
Lecture 32: Bone Mineral Homeostasis
What are the two main ions in bon...,
Why is the regulation of calcium ...,
How is bone a dynamic tissue
23  cards
Lecture 33: Drug Interactions
Why is it important to understand...,
What is a product monograph,
What happens to drug interactions...
18  cards
Lecture 34: Pharmacogenomics
What are adverse drug reactions adrs,
How are adrs a serious healthcare...,
What are sex differences in drug ...
18  cards
Lecture 35: CRISPR & Gene Editing Technologies
What is genome editing,
What are gene editing technologies,
What is crispr cas9
17  cards

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