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Integumentary system Part 1
Skin is divided into 3 layers nam...,
The largest organ in the human body,
Skin is divided into two categori...
45  cards
Integumentary system Part II
What is pilosebaceous unit,
What does the hair compose of,
The function of the hair
46  cards
Joints and vertebral column Part I
What are joints,
Name 3 classifications of joints,
Blood supply in joints
41  cards
Joints and vertebral column Part II
Posterior surface of anterior arc...,
Held in position posteriorly by c2,
Superolateral surfaces of c2
56  cards
Surface Anatomy & dermatomes
Name the 3 parts of the sternum,
What anatomical landmarks are fou...,
Why can t we start from rib 1 whe...
31  cards
Joints and vertebral column Part III
The carpometacarpal joints are re...,
All 5 of carpometacarpal are surr...,
Types of synovial joint articulat...
19  cards
Shoulder girdle and shoulder joint
What forms the glenohumeral joint,
What is present in the glenohumer...,
The glenoid cavity is deepened on...
33  cards
MSK- Terminology
A large round prominence at the e...,
Define epicondyle,
A ridge that serves as a site of ...
17  cards
Axilla & Brachial plexus part 1
All major structures passing into...,
Describe the shape of the axilla,
The axilla is formed by
31  cards
Axilla & Brachial Plexus Part II
List the contents of the axilla,
Describe the location position of...,
What does the axillary artery supply
56  cards
Muscle Of the Arm
What is anterior compartment,
Name the 3 anterior compartment m...,
The origin of two heads of the bi...
16  cards
Muscles Of The Forearm And Cubital Fossa
How anterior compartment muscles ...,
The muscles of anterior compartme...,
Name the muscle of the superficia...
52  cards
Muscles of the Back
The muscles of the back are divid...,
Name the group of muscles that ar...,
Name the group of muscle that are...
53  cards
Anatomy of the hand
What forms the roof of the carpal...,
What structures lie deep to the f...,
What structure passes through the...
54  cards
Muscles of the trunk
The series of ducts and secretory...,
Name a circular pigmented area ar...,
The connective tissue surrounding...
68  cards
Gluteal Region
The sacral plexus made up of whic...,
The lumbosacral plexus made up of...,
The sacral plexus is anterior to ...
20  cards
Lumbar plexus
The lumbar plexus emerges from wh...,
Formed by which anterior rami,
List the six main nerves that com...
26  cards
Muscles of the thigh
What are 2 convergence muscles th...,
What is fascia lata,
The thickening of fascia lata con...
36  cards
Muscles of the leg
Name the compartment division of ...,
Anterior and lateral compartments...,
Innervation of the posterior comp...
26  cards
Muscles of the foot
Connection of 4 arteries around f...,
Contribution of cruciate anastomosis,
Artery of the round ligament of t...
23  cards
Mediastinum & Superficial Anatomy of the Heart
What is the mediastinum,
Describe the boundaries of the me...,
What divides the mediastinum into...
54  cards
Mediastinum & superficial anatomy of the heart pt.2
The____________________ lies betw...,
How does the right vagus nerve de...,
List the branches of the right va...
62  cards
Structure of the heart
Blood enters the ra from which st...,
Blood passes to the rv through wh...,
What controls the passing of bloo...
56  cards
Muscles, Neurovasculature and Triangles of the Neck
The origin insertion innevertion ...,
Describe the relations of mylohyo...,
The origin insertion innervation ...
27  cards
major venous system
Describe the drainage and connect...,
External jugular vein,
Subclavian vein
16  cards
Muscles of the face
Orbicularis oculi,
Orbicularis oculi the palpebral part,
Orbicularis oculi the palpebral part
22  cards
Histology CVS
0  cards
Osteology of the thoracic cavity
The thorax,
How many opening does the thorax ...,
Thoracic cavity
33  cards
Thoracic Apertures and Thoracic wall
The margins of the superior thora...,
Structures passing between upper ...,
Structures passing between head n...
9  cards
Nose and Nasal cavity
Regions of the nasal cavity,
The nasal vestibule,
The nasal vestibule
32  cards
What is the pharynx,
What is the general function of t...,
What is the superior attachment o...
48  cards
Name the hollow musculoligamentou...,
The larynx open superior to which...,
The larynx compromised of what st...
65  cards
Pleura and Diaphragm
What is found on either side of m...,
Explain margins of pleural cavities,
Names given to part of parietal p...
41  cards
low Respiratory Tract
Name a flexible tube in the midli...,
Explain in level does the the tra...,
Explain the c shaped cartilage of...
56  cards
Respiratory system histology
What are the two functional eleme...,
What are the two functional eleme...,
What are the functions of the 2 c...
50  cards
Embryology of respiratory system
The median outgrowth where the em...,
The laryngotracheal groove is the...,
1 the endodermal lining of laryng...
49  cards
Abdominal wall and inguinal canal
Name nine abdominal regions,
Where does the translumbical line...,
Name the structures we find at th...
26  cards
the oral cavity
The bones that contribute to skel...,
The horizontal shelf from the med...,
Relation of the maxilla
43  cards
Oral cavity part 2
Intrinsic muscles originate and i...,
Intrinsic muscles divide into,
Function of the intrinsic muscle
67  cards
Histology of the oral caviity
The functions of the oral cavity,
What is mastication,
The oral cavity is mainly compris...
37  cards
Digestive system
Muscular tube running between the...,
The oesophagus begins where and e...,
Relation of the oesophagus to the...
52  cards
Histology of Digestive system
The main function of the gastroin...,
This is done in five main phases,
There are four distinct layers of...
25  cards
Digestive system neurovasculature
Name the arterial supply of the o...,
The venous drainage of oesophagus,
Lymphatic drainage of the oesophagus
20  cards
Digestive Regional Histology
There are four distinct layers of...,
Muscularis mucosae separates whic...,
Generally the lamina propria has ...
28  cards
Accessory organs
The largest visceral organ in the...,
Primarily the liver is located in...,
Functions of the liver
72  cards
Histology of accessory organs
The liver is a solid organ compos...,
Collagenous capsule into the oute...,
Spaces that lie between hepatocyt...
40  cards
embryology of digestive system.
0  cards
Explain the location of the kidne...,
The kidneys are suspended by the ...,
Lists the relations of the right ...
12  cards
Uroginital system is derived from...,
Urogenital system divides into wh...,
During longitudinal elavation wha...
42  cards
Urinary tract and bladder
The name of the tube that transpo...,
The ureter transport urine from w...,
The ureter is continuous with whi...
4  cards
Histology of Urinary system.
0  cards
Reproductive system: Female
Name the major components of fema...,
Where do ovaries develop,
Explain the coarse of the ovaries...
32  cards
Histology of the female reproductive system.
The female reproductive system co...,
Function of the female reproducti...,
Ovaries are produced by which pro...
40  cards
What is found within the fossa at...,
The floor of the cranial cavity i...,
How many cranial nerve do we have
36  cards
Nervous: Embryological Development
1  cards

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