pnc 102 lecture

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Chapter 1 intro maternity & peds nursing ppt
Specialties of maternity nursing,
Pediatric nursing involves caring...,
Focus of pediatric nursing
40  cards
Chapter 2: culture ppt
Cultural competence,
Cultural awareness
33  cards
chapter 3 women's health promotion across the life span ppt
Women tend to,
Actions to improve health,
50  cards
chapter 4 human reproduction/fetal dev ppt
External organs,
Mons pubis,
Labia majora
85  cards
chapter 5: physical/psychological changes of pregnancy ppt
Patient centered teaching,
Presumptive signs of pregnancy,
Probable signs of pregnancy objec...
24  cards
chapter 6: nursing care during pregnancy ppt
Initial prenatal assessment,
30  cards
chapter 7: promoting a healthy pregnancy ppt
Focus on the pt,
Promotion of self care during pre...,
Breast care
49  cards
unit 1 exam grid
Therapeutic communication,
Priority assessment,
Hyperemesis gravidarum
24  cards
Chapter 9: nursing care during labor and childbirth
Theories about the onset of labor,
103  cards
chapter 10: nursing care of the woman w/ complications
Preterm labor,
Preterm labor risk factors,
Preterm labor interventions
40  cards
chapter 11: birth related procedures
Nursing care,
25  cards
chapter 12: postpartum nursing care
Support family dynamic,
Body begins to change immediately...
44  cards
chapter 13: postpartum complications
Care of the woman w postpartum he...,
Risk factors for subinvolution po...,
Signs and symptoms of postpartum ...
47  cards
Unit 2 Exam Grid
Induction of labor,
Lab values for epidural
28  cards
Chapter 8 nursing care of woman w/ pregnancy complications
Hyperemesis gravidarum,
Hyperemesis gravidarum may cause,
Women suffering from hyperemesis ...
86  cards
chapter 14: phys8iological and behavioral adaptations of the newborn
Fetal preparation for extrauterin...,
Brown fat
32  cards
chapter 15: nursing care of the newborn
Physical examination of the newborn,
38  cards
chapter 16 newborn nutrition
American academy of pediatrics re...,
Infant nutritional needs,
Newborn infant eats only ___ for ...
26  cards
chapter 17: nursing care of the newborn at risk
Risk factors that affect the newborn,
Identification of the at risk new...,
Birth asphyxia
117  cards
unit exam 3 test grid
Abnormal newborn findings,
33  cards
Chapter 23: nursing care of hospitalized child
Family centered care provides,
Hospital settings for children vs...,
Admission procedures
48  cards
chapter 24: acutely ill children and their needs
Clinical status,
Higher level of care,
Safety precautions
31  cards
Chapter 25: Adapting to chronic illness & supporting the family unit
Chronic illness,
Chronic illness
36  cards
Chapter 26 the abused child
Cultural differences,
The child abuse prevention and tr...,
Acts of commission
22  cards
Unit 4 exam test grid
Behavior from an adolescent newly...,
Child abuse,
Illness w chronic limitations
27  cards
Chapter 1: critical thinking and the nursing process
Critical thinking attitudes,
Problem solving,
Nursing process
14  cards
Chapter 2: evidence based practice
Evidence based practice,
Ebp decision making,
Why use ebp
9  cards
Chapter 3: issues in nursing practice
Factors influencing heath care ch...,
Safe practice medication errors,
Sentinel events
38  cards
Chapter 4: cultural influences on nursing care
Cultural sensitivity,
Cultural awareness
24  cards
Chapter 5: complementary and alternative modalities
Complementary modality,
Alternative modality,
Systems of health care
9  cards
chapter 6: nursing care of pts w/ fluid, electrolyte and acid base imbalances
Fluid balance,
Control of fluid balance,
Movement of fluids and electrolytes
42  cards
Chapter 7: nursing care of patients receiving IV therapy
Iv therapy,
Indications for iv therapy,
Types of iv infusions
20  cards
Chapter 8: nursing care of patients w/ infections
Infection process,
Infective causative agents,
69  cards
Chapter 9: nursing care of patients in shock
Pathophysiology of shock tissue p...,
Pathophysiology of shock compensa...
21  cards
Chapter 10: nursing care of patient in pain
Types of pain,
Acute pain
21  cards
Chapter 12: nursing care of patients having surgery
Surgery urgency levels,
Purposes of surgery,
Types of surgery
37  cards
Chapter 13: nursing care of patients w/ emergent conditions and disaster/bioterrorism response
Primary survey abcde,
Secondary survey,
65  cards
Unit 5 exam grid
Breakthrough pain,
Critical thinking
26  cards

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