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First Midterm 201
What is politics,
Politics as defined by karl marx,
Politics as defined by francis fu...
64  cards
Social Contract Theorists
Thomas hobbes,
John locke,
Jeremy bentham
5  cards
Final Exam 201
Thirty years war,
Peace of westphalia,
Law boundedness
60  cards
Class Test 1 POLI 283
Factors shaping an individuals pe...,
93  cards
Class Test 2 POLI 283
Causes of the cold wardomestic le...,
Causes of the cold warideological...,
Causes of the cold warindividual ...
72  cards
Class Test POLI 283
End of cold war,
End of history,
Clash of civilizations
44  cards
Final Exam POLI 283
Cooperation and cooperation,
39  cards
First Midterm 381
Real politik,
International orders,
Treaties of westphalia
52  cards
Marxism POLI 381
Marxist theory,
Marx definition of capitalism,
Vladmir lenin
7  cards
Midterm POLI 321
Institutional princples,
Political principles
76  cards
Second Midterm POLI 381
90  cards
Final POLI 381
International political economy,
Examples of politics impacting th...,
Traditional approaches to interna...
97  cards
Final POLI 321
Origins of responsible government...,
Responsible government definedwhe...,
Constitutional conventions of res...
74  cards
Quiz 1 POLI399
How do you know something is true,
Hallmarks of the scientific method,
78  cards
Midterm POLI 359
Political science,
115  cards
Midterm 1 Add on POLI 359
Postwar settlement,
Reasons why cl broke down,
Great depression
6  cards
Quiz 2 POLI 399
Why is research design important,
Classical experimental design
60  cards
Final POLI 399
Bivariate regression,
Central limits theorem,
62  cards
Final POLI 359
Autonomy and capacity,
Democratic states autonomy
33  cards
Quiz 1 POLI 357
Public policies are made by,
Levels of analysis,
Analytical theory
64  cards
Quiz 2 POLI 357
Policy context,
Political economic context
37  cards
Final Exam POLI 357
Policy instruments tools,
Taxonomies of instruments,
60  cards
Midterm PS2255
The term middle east and its heri...,
Regimeauthoritarian rulemonarchie...,
5 reasons the middle east is in c...
61  cards
Final PS2255
The origins of the muslim brother...,
Nasser and el sisi years for the ...,
Electoral politicking by the musl...
55  cards
Final Exam PS2251
Asian african conference and pan ...,
Asian african conference and pan ...,
Asian african conference and pan ...
22  cards
Class Test 1 POLI 435
Essentially contested concept,
Foreign policy definition
38  cards
Class Test 2 POLI 435
Common assumptions of the two str...,
Characteristics of a penetrated p...,
Types of sovereignty applied to c...
56  cards
Final Exam POLI 483
Foundation international law opin...,
Ancient rome,
Midevil period
75  cards
Final Exam POLI 435
Principal power characteristics,
Positional middle power approach,
Empirical middle power approach
17  cards
Class Test 1 POLI 342
Feudal system,
English land laws,
Godfather lecture
35  cards
Class Test 2 POLI 342
Canada before scc,
Why does canada need a scc,
Citizens insurance v parsons 1880
29  cards
Final POLI 342
Borowski thorson mcneil late 70s ...,
Problems with citizens challengin...,
Us civil rights litigation
50  cards
POLI 417 Quiz 1
Frazer and waves,
Conventional vs feminist politica...,
Theory oppression duality
18  cards
POLI 417 Quiz 2
Firestone key terms,
Firestones concerns,
Firestones proposed solutions
19  cards

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