pop360 - healthy planet analytics

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Basic Dashboard Configuration
Learn to build dashboards.
19  cards
Chapter 2: Registry Build: Basics & Population Inclusion
Introductionan epic tool used to ...,
Introductionto consistently ident...,
Introductionclinicians can use re...
43  cards
Chapter 3: Dependent Registries, Active Patients Registries, ACO Registry
Active patients registrywhat type...,
Active patients registrywhat gran...,
Active patients registrywhich of ...
14  cards
Chapter 4: Registry Build: Metrics
Introductiontrue or falseregistry...,
Introductiontrue or falseall regi...,
Introductionwhen you add new metr...
28  cards
Chapter 5: Creating and Editing Reports
Creating and editing reportswhich...,
Creating and editing reportswhat ...,
Creating and editing reportswhich...
26  cards
Chapter 6: Registry Build: External Data
Introductiontrue or falsehealthy ...,
External data overviewwhich of th...,
External data overviewwhen extern...
12  cards
Chapter 9: The Metric Framework and My Panel Metrics
The metric framework and my panel...,
The metric framework and my panel...,
The metric framework and my panel...
13  cards
Chapter 8: Creating Dashboards
Which of the following can an end...,
True or falsea component is a uni...,
How many types of component recor...
16  cards
General Review Questions
With scoring rules what do you ha...,
You want to build a dashboard com...,
Which dashboard component type pr...
19  cards
Chapter 10: Provider Attribution and Data Summarization
True or falsethe summarization pr...,
Which of the following determine ...,
Which of the following control wh...
6  cards
Chapter 7: Registry-Based Risk Scoring
0  cards

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pop360 - healthy planet analytics

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