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Chapter 1
The main advantage of a packaged ...,
Shop assembled watertube boilers ...,
The boiler rating as expressed in...
10  cards
Chapter 2
The once through steam generator ...,
The once through steam generator ...,
In a once through steam generator...
10  cards
Chapter 3
In a top supported boiler any exp...,
On a bottom supported boilers the...,
Boiler casing is made of steel pl...
10  cards
Chapter 4
Furnace baffles are constructed o...,
A welded fin tube wall is a very ...,
The purpose of the superheater is...
10  cards
Chapter 5
Pressure safety valve maintenance...,
On a boiler psv there can be a no...,
Boiler psv must be installed in a...
10  cards
Chapter 6
The gas burner safety isolation s...,
High and low _________ shutdown s...,
Most gas burners have the fuel en...
10  cards
Chapter 7
Draft is defined as a the differe...,
An induced draft fan is located i...,
With natural draft the boiler fur...
12  cards
Chapter 8
The principle of a 3 element feed...,
Three element feed water control ...,
The biggest disadvantage to the d...
10  cards
Chapter 9
According to the asme section i p...,
The process of inspecting interna...,
Prior to the hydrostatic test of ...
12  cards
Chapter 10
Encrustation of boiler water mine...,
When mineral scale forms on boile...,
Without proper boiler feed water ...
15  cards
Chapter 11 Boiler Water Pre-Treatment
Subsidence is defined as a dissol...,
Chemicals such as coagulants and ...,
Coagulation is most effective at ...
20  cards
Chapter 12 Pump Design And Operation
The plunger piston and diaphragm ...,
The main difference between a plu...,
For a reciprocating type of pump ...
15  cards
Chapter 13 Pump Head Calculations
Which tank has the greatest press...,
What are the typical causes of pu...,
In a closed system containing a l...
12  cards
Chapter 14 Welding Procedures and Inspection
The major advantage of the smaw w...,
The major advantage of the gtaw w...,
The acronyms mig and tig welding ...
10  cards
Chapter 15 Pressure Vessels
Asme section viii ug 99 gives the...,
Many jurisdictions inspectors and...,
The symbols u stamped on an asme ...
10  cards

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