ppl exams pilot training

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Human Factors & Pilot Performance
Your time of useful consciousness...,
Which of the following lists of s...,
What is described by the visual i...
53  cards
Manual: Human Physiology and High Altitudes
The master controller of the huma...,
The brain and spinal chord togeth...,
The brain continues stops functio...
40  cards
Manual: Eyesight and Visual Illusions
Each eye is connected to the brai...,
To look at a near object the eyes...,
The natural focal point for the e...
47  cards
Flying Things to Know Quickly
When to do freda checks,
What does freda stand for,
What does bumfich stand for
57  cards
Manual: Hearing and Balance
The ears are very important for b...,
Sound messages are sent from the ...,
The ear is divided into three are...
26  cards
Manual: Am i fit to fly?
Two factors vital to safe flying ...,
Smoking promotes the presence of ...,
Can a cold cause you discomfort i...
12  cards
Manual: Stress Management, Fatigue and Sleep
Excess demands mental and or phys...,
Stress can will not diminish one ...,
When describing stress acute mean...
46  cards
Manual: Information processing
We make our highest level decisio...,
The brain can be thought of as a ...,
For high level decisions the brai...
33  cards
Manual: Judgement and Decision-Making
1 for an experienced pilot judgem...,
2 judgement following a complex t...,
7 outgoing people are extroverts ...
12  cards
Manual: The flight deck
1 the pilot aircraft system is a ...,
3 the technical name given to imp...,
4 for optimum performance the pil...
21  cards
Manual: Safety and care of passengers
8 is it safe to use a bcf halon f...,
9 does a bcf halon fire extinguis...,
16 what is the reason for not hol...
5  cards
Manual: First Aid
1 list five actions to take place...,
2 list four items to take in mana...,
4 an unconscious passenger evacua...
4  cards
Manual: Survival
3 body core temperature should no...,
4 heat production in the body is ...,
8 aircraft traveling over remote ...
12  cards
With respect to airspace classifi...,
An important document concerning ...,
Pilots practising instrument appr...
169  cards
Isa temperature at sea level,
Atmosphere is higher where
206  cards
Aircraft general knowledge
How long does it take to turn 360...,
What do you need to remember abou...,
If you are slipping into a left t...
8  cards
Operational Procedures
Operations manual,
Flight manual
76  cards
Principles of Flight
Static pressure,
Dynamic pressure,
How does a pressure constant work
91  cards
Flight Performance and Palnning
Consequences of an over loaded ai...,
Max total weight authorised,
Max ramp weight
24  cards

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