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Patient Satisfaction and Treatment Adherence
What is patient satisfaction,
Why is it necessary to measure pa...,
What are the consequences of diss...
16  cards
Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Immunisation
Describe the vaccination programm...,
Describe the vaccination programm...,
Describe the vaccination programm...
20  cards
Professional Boundaries
Summary of gmc guidelines on prof...,
Why do we have professional bound...,
Barriers for doctors disclosing h...
10  cards
Compassionate Care
What is compassion,
Explain the importance of compass...,
How is lack of compassion linked ...
11  cards
End of Life Ethics and Law
When do we begin palliative care,
Components of a good death,
Give the definitions for suicide ...
10  cards
Psychology of Pain
Classify pain by pathophysiology,
What is the early pain theory,
What roles does pain expectancy a...
17  cards
Psychology of Perception
Differentiate between sensation a...,
What is the bottom up theory,
How does the bottom up theory rel...
11  cards
The neurological Basis of the Mind
What is the mind,
What is cerebral activity,
Why did the brain develop such ce...
10  cards
Psychological Interventions
What are psychological interventions,
What is the cognitive model,
What are assumptions of the cogni...
23  cards
Confidentiality in the Workplace
What is confidentiality,
Why is confidentiality important ...,
Why is confidentiality becoming a...
13  cards
Consent in Clinical Practice
What is valid consent,
How is consent expressed and pass...,
Why is consent important on a pro...
15  cards
Ethics Of Elderly Care
How have the government tried to ...,
What are the key issues when trea...,
Angela is 87 years old she is in ...
12  cards
Psychology of Memory
What are the key processes in memory,
What is the basic model of memory...,
What is sensory memory
20  cards
Informal Carers
Describe the community care act,
What is one issue with social car...,
What is the difference between fo...
8  cards
Loss, Bereavement
Acute grief response,
Longer term grief response,
Describe children s grief
11  cards
Race and Ethnicity in Health Care
What is culture,
What is ethnicity,
What 2 concepts does ethnicity in...
8  cards
Physical Activity: Benefits, Determinants and Interventions
What is the difference between ph...,
How do we measure physical activi...,
Positive associations with physic...
15  cards
Psychological models of health behaviour
What is a theory and what is the ...,
What are health behaviours,
What is the health belief model a...
15  cards
Clinical Risks and Negligence
Medical error key points,
Outcomes of medical errors,
Describe the fitness to practice ...
16  cards
Social Inequality in Health
Where do social inequalities stem...,
What are examples of social inequ...,
What is health inequality vs ineq...
12  cards
Access to Healthcare: Ethics of Distribution.
How is resource division decided,
Allocation can often be ethically...,
What is the veil of ignorance
9  cards
Emotional and Cognitive Development
What is the difference between co...,
Which components are needed for c...,
Jean piaget swiss psychologist 18...
15  cards
Psychology of ageing
Why is immigration good for healt...,
What is the biopsychosocial approach,
What is the problem with the cros...
14  cards
Introduction to Transgender Healthcare
What are the 3 different support ...,
What is the reversible and irreve...,
What is the reversible and irreve...
9  cards
Social Construction of Gender
What is the term gender used for,
How is gender identity imposed an...,
Examples of gender differences in...
5  cards
PHEPB: Quantifying benefits of disease prevention
How can we prevent diseases,
How are preventions classified,
What is primary prevention
28  cards
PHEPB: Screening and secondary prevention
What are the types of prevention,
What is the aim of secondary prev...,
Consequences of screening
15  cards
**PHEPB Systematic Review: What is evidence synthesis?
Define a systematic review,
What is the purpose of a systemat...,
Describe the design of a systemat...
16  cards
PHEPB: Case control studies in cancer research
Describe the design of a case con...,
What is the difference between ca...,
How are controls selected for cas...
18  cards
PHEPB Cohort Studies: evidence on risk factors for cardiovascular disease
Describe analytic studies,
Describe the design of an observa...,
What is the definition of a prosp...
23  cards
PHEPB Ecological and cross-sectional studies: measuring health and disease
Observational studies questions u...,
Observational studies questions u...,
What is the key difference betwee...
18  cards
PHEBP Population Interventions - Folate Flour Story (+tutorial)
0  cards
PHEBP Early life exposures for disease prevention (+tutorial)
0  cards
PHEBP Benefits and risks of postmenopausal HRT (+tutorial)
Suggest some specific elements of...,
The table summarises findings rel...,
Compare the absolute riskdifferen...
17  cards

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