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R.CHAPTER 1- Gastro Intestinal System
Example of chronic bowel disorder,
Symptoms chronic bowel disorder,
Coeliac disease
41  cards
Chapter 10: Muscloskeletal System
What is rheumatoid arthritis,
What medicines are indicated for ...,
What is given for a new diagnosis...
9  cards
Hormones and HRT etc
What is danazol licensed for,
What is cetrorelix,
What are gonadorelin analogues us...
18  cards
Chapter 2: Random Stuff
For af what is the preferred 1st ...,
When is digoxin therapy preferred,
How can sinus rhythm be restored
15  cards
What are the ci of lithium,
What are cautions of lithium,
What is the association with long...
45  cards
Healthy Living
What are the lipid targets for he...,
What are the safe limits for alcohol,
What are the physical activity gu...
12  cards
Chapter 5: Infections
What is antibiotic stewardship,
What is the difference between an...,
What is antimicrobial resistance
185  cards
Miscellaneous info
What is given in unstable angina,
What is the adrenaline dose for a...,
What is the adrenaline dose for a...
82  cards
MEP 2019
Who can administer cds to patients,
What are the legal requirements f...,
What 2 pieces of important inform...
134  cards
What is diabetes,
What are the common types of diab...,
What is type 1 diabetes
131  cards
How do topical corticosteroids he...,
State a very potent topical corti...,
State a potent topical corticoste...
6  cards
Chapter 2: BP
What are the benefits of lowering...,
What are the possible causes of htn,
What lifestyle advice should be o...
29  cards
Chapter 2: Heart Failure
What is heart failure,
What are the symptoms and signs o...,
What group of perplexing are t a ...
14  cards
Chapter 2: CVD Prevention
What is given for primary prevent...,
What is given in secondary preven...,
What are high intensity statins
21  cards
Chapter 2: Anticoagulants
How do you assess patients with af,
What is the maximum total score t...,
What does cha2 ds2 vasc mean and ...
62  cards
MEP/Pharmacy Services Misc
What is an mur why is it carried out,
What is a prescription intervention,
When should an mur not be undertaken
34  cards
Chapter 4: Antipsychotics
In schizo what psychotic symptoms...,
How do 1st gen antipsychotics work,
How many groups are the phenothia...
19  cards
Chapter 9: random stuff
What drugs pose a definite risk o...,
What drugs pose a possible risk o...,
What is the mhra chm advice with ...
10  cards
What are the ci of steroids,
What are the cautions of steroids,
Explain the further info on the s...
8  cards
When should activated charcoal no...,
What are the symptoms of acute al...,
What are the main features of asp...
3  cards
Chaper 2: Cardiovascular - Arrythmia
What is an arrhythmia,
What are the general symptoms of ...,
What are the three types of supra...
87  cards
Chapter 4 - Substance Dependance
List some dangerous alcohol withd...,
What is used to treat alcohol wit...,
With regards to assisted alcohol ...
23  cards
Chapter 4 - Insomnia
What is insomnia,
What is the difference between sh...,
List some lifestyle advice for in...
32  cards
Chapter 4 - Pain
What is pain,
How is pain managed in children u...,
How frequently is paracetamol given
204  cards
Chapter 4 - Nausea And Labrynth Disorders
What is the lifestyle advice asso...,
What is the mechanism of antihist...,
Give some examples of sedating an...
50  cards
Chapter 4 - Movement Disorders
How is pain managed in cerebral p...,
How is drooling managed in cerebr...,
What should patients with cerebra...
86  cards
Chapter 4 - Mental Health
Give examples of ssris,
Give examples of snris,
Give examples of tcas
158  cards
Chapter 4 - Dementia
What is dementia,
What are the main types of dementia,
What is early onset dementia
47  cards
Cardiovascular - Diuretics
What are the main classes of diur...,
Give examples of thiazide and rel...,
Give examples of potassium sparin...
32  cards
Chapter 2 - ACS
What syndromes does acs include,
What is the pathophysiology of acs,
How is acs diagnosed
35  cards
Chapter 2 - Stable Angina
What are the symptoms of stable a...,
What happens during a stable angina,
What are some complications of an...
32  cards
Chapter 2 - Dyslipidaemia
What are the causes of hyperchole...,
What are the aims in hypercholest...,
Give examples of high intensity s...
54  cards
Chapter 2 - Heart Failure
What is heart failure,
What are the symptoms of heart fa...,
What are the two types of heart f...
33  cards
Chapter 2 - Blood Pressure Conditions
What is hypertension,
How is hypertension diagnosed,
What is abpm and hbpm
85  cards
Chapter 2 - Blood Clots
What drugs are used for treating ...,
What is a vte and what are the tw...,
What is hospital acquired vte
146  cards
Chapter 2 - Bleeding Disorders
What is the moa of antifibrinolytics,
What are two examples of antifibr...,
What is an example of a haemostatic
16  cards

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