principles and techniques of patient care

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Physical Therapy as a profession
Provided by practitioners who are...,
Provided by practitioners by refe...,
Provided by practitioners in high...
78  cards
Law, regulation, And Policies
A body of rules of action or cond...,
Most common violationdefined as w...
39  cards
The act or process of using words...,
Types of communication,
Occur simultaneously internal dia...
36  cards
Medical Abbreviations
294  cards
Patient Management Model
An ongoing iterative process that...,
Application of the patient client...,
The process of patient management...
50  cards
Shiftings midterms
Why are the axillary or inguinal ...,
Emily is assigned to assist in li...,
How can caregivers effectively re...
45  cards
Vital Signs
The pulse that is found when a st...,
Absence of oxygen in the tissues,
The absence of breathing
74  cards
Proper Body Mechanics
Situated at or directed toward th...,
The area on which an object rests...,
The point at which the mass of a ...
20  cards
Position and Draping
Movement away from an axis or fro...,
Movement toward an axis or toward...,
To become pale
30  cards
key terms and acronyms: Special Equipment & Patient Care Environment
The use of drugs to render the bl...,
Variation from the normal rhythm ...,
A catheter inserted into an arter...
57  cards
Special Equipment & Patient Care Environment
O most common bed used in hospita...,
Controls may be located at the he...,
Cost efficiento gives basic needs
77  cards
From the front to the rear of an ...,
Field of medicine that is concern...,
On the other or opposite side
26  cards
Conditions 1
musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Integumentary
103  cards
Conditions 2
The fourth leading cause of death...,
Common conditions for cardiovascu...,
What occurs when there is insuffi...
65  cards

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principles and techniques of patient care

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