private pilot oral exam

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Pilot Qualifications : A - Privileges And Limitations
What are the eligibility requirem...,
What privileges and limitations a...,
Explain the statement may not pay...
10  cards
Pilot Qualifications : B - Currency Requirements
What are the requirements to rema...,
You have not kept up with logging...,
You re flying in a single engine ...
8  cards
Pilot Qualifications : C - Medical Certificates
To exercise the privileges of a p...,
Spring has finally arrived and th...,
Where can you find a list of the ...
6  cards
Airworthiness Requirements : A - Aircraft Certificates and Documents
What documents are required on bo...,
What is an airworthiness certific...,
What is the difference between st...
22  cards
Airworthiness Requirements : B - Aircraft Maintenance Requirements
What are the required tests and i...,
What is an annual inspection and ...,
What aircraft are required to hav...
24  cards
Weather Information : A - Nature Of The Atmosphere
State the general characteristics...,
If your route of flight takes you...,
Describe the different types of f...
36  cards
Weather Information : B - Obtaining Weather Information
What is the primary means of obta...,
What are some examples of other s...,
You re planning a cross county fl...
8  cards
Weather Information : C - Aviation Weather Reports and Observations
What is a metar and what are the ...,
Describe the basic elements of a ...,
Describe several types of weather...
4  cards
Weather Information : D - Aviation Weather Forecasts
What are terminal aerodrome forec...,
Define aviation area forecast fa,
Describe the graphical forecasts ...
14  cards
Weather Information: E - Aviation Weather Charts
Give some examples of the various...,
What is a surface analysis chart,
Describe a ceiling and visibility...
10  cards
Performance & Limitations - A: Aerodynamics
What are the four dynamic forces ...,
What flight condition will result...,
What is an airfoil state some exa...
28  cards
Performance & Limitations - B: Weight & Balance
Define the following empty weight...,
What basic equation is used in al...,
What performance characteristics ...
7  cards
Performance & Limitations - C: Aircraft Performance
What are some of the main element...,
What factors affect the performan...,
What effect does wind have on air...
15  cards
Operation Of Systems - A: Aircraft & Engine Operations
What are the four main control su...,
How are the various flight contro...,
What are flaps and what is their ...
33  cards
Operation Of Systems - B: System & Equipment Malfunctions
What causes carburetor icing and ...,
What method is used to determine ...,
What conditions are favorable for...
19  cards
Operation Of Systems - C: Pitot/Static Flight Instruments
Which instruments operate off of ...,
How does an altimeter work,
What are the limitations of a pre...
12  cards
Operation Of Systems - D: Gyroscopic Flight Instruments
What instruments contain gyroscopes,
What are the two fundamental prop...,
What are the various power source...
13  cards
Operation Of Systems - E: Magnetic Compass
How does the magnetic compass work,
What limitations does the magneti...,
What are the various compass errors
3  cards
Operation Of Systems - F: Advanced Avionics
0  cards
X-C Flight Planning - A: Navigation
What are three common ways to nav...,
What type of aeronautical charts ...,
Are electronic flight bags efbs a...
31  cards
X-C Flight Planning - C: Radio Communications
What is the most common type of c...,
What is the universal vhf emergen...,
What frequencies are used for gro...
15  cards
X-C Flight Planning - D: Federal Aviation Regulations Part 91
If an inflight emergency requires...,
What restrictions apply to pilots...,
Is it permissible for a pilot to ...
13  cards
X-C Flight Planning - E: Airspace
What is class a airspace,
Can a flight under vfr be conduct...,
What is the minimum pilot certifi...
39  cards

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