private pilot airplane checkride oral exam study cards

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Flight Maneuvers - PA 28-181 Cherokee / Archer III
Power off stall recovery,
Power off stall,
Power on stall
15  cards
Light Gun Signals
Steady green,
Flashing green,
Steady red
6  cards
Speeds - PA-28-181 Cherokee/Archer III
9  cards
What equipment on your airplane m...,
What is required of the pilot in ...,
As a private pilot may you be pai...
61  cards
Airplane Instrument, Engines and Systems
What is the instrument that is ch...,
When does the magnetic compass gi...,
When does the magnetic compass in...
45  cards
Operational Techniques
Can the airplane be flown with fr...,
How would frost affect the flight...,
Do the far s specifically prohibi...
57  cards
Navigation and Cross Country
What is true course,
How do you determine a magnetic c...,
What is true heading
54  cards
What is the best angle of climb a...,
What is the best rate of climb ai...,
When would you use best angle or ...
21  cards
Pilot Qualifications
What are the eligibility requirem...,
What privileges and limitation ap...,
Explain the statement may not pay...
28  cards
Airworthiness Requirements
What documents are required on bo...,
What is an airworthiness certificate,
What is the difference between a ...
42  cards
Weather Information
State the general characteristics...,
If your route of flight takes you...,
Describe the different types of f...
70  cards
Performance and Limitations
What are the four dynamic forces ...,
What flight conditions will resul...,
What is an airfoil state some exa...
81  cards
Operations of Systems
What are the four main control su...,
How are the various flight contro...,
What are flaps and what is their ...
109  cards
Cross-country Flight Planning
What are the tree common ways to ...,
What types of aeronautical charts...,
Are efb approved for use as a rep...
276  cards
Night Preparation
Name the two distinct types of li...,
What is the function of the cones...,
What is the function of the rods ...
31  cards
Human Factors
What is hypoxia,
Where does hypoxia usually occur ...,
What factors can make a pilot mor...
66  cards
Scenario-Based Questions
Your good friend has requested yo...,
What personal items will you take...,
Tell me about the faa pilot profi...
39  cards
Memory Items
Power loss after takeoff,
Power loss in flight,
Electrical fire in flight
6  cards

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