private pilot oral exam

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Privileges and Limitations
What are the eligibility requirem...,
What privileges and limitations a...,
Explain the statement may not pay...
12  cards
Currency Requirements
What are the requirements to rema...,
What are the requirements to carr...,
You have not kept up with logging...
9  cards
Medical Certificates
What medical certificate is requi...,
How long is a third class medical...,
Spring has finally arrived and th...
7  cards
Aircraft Certificates and Documents (part 1)
What documents are required on bo...,
What is an airworthiness certific...,
What is the difference between st...
10  cards
Aircraft Certificates and Documents (part 2)
What are airworthiness directives...,
What are the two types of ads faa...,
When are emergency ads issued faa...
11  cards
Aircraft Maintenance Requirements (part 1)
What are the required tests and i...,
What is an annual inspection and ...,
What aircraft are required to hav...
11  cards
Aircraft Maintenance Requirements (part 2)
What limitations apply to aircraf...,
During the preflight inspection i...,
What are minimum equipment lists ...
12  cards
Nature of the Atmosphere (part 1)
State the general characteristics...,
If your route of flight takes you...,
Describe the different types of f...
13  cards
Nature of the Atmosphere (part 2)
What does dew point mean ac 00 6,
When temperature and dew point ar...,
What factor primarily determines ...
12  cards
Nature of the Atmosphere (part 3)
Is frost considered to be hazardo...,
What factors must be present for ...,
What are the three stages of a th...
11  cards
Aerodynamics (part 1)
What are the four dynamic forces ...,
What flight condition will result...,
What is an airfoil state some exa...
14  cards
Aerodynamics (part 2)
What situations may result in loa...,
What effect does an increase in l...,
Define the term maneuvering speed...
11  cards
Weight and Balance
Define empty weight faa h 8083 1 ...,
Define gross weight faa h 8083 1 ...,
Define useful load faa h 8083 1 f...
11  cards
V Speeds
What is vs0 faa h 8083 25,
What is vs1 faa h 8083 25,
What is vy faa h 8083 25
10  cards

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