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~~Chapter Banks for Robinson, Paver, Salasche, Journals 2018/2019. Credit to Dan Gaffney who founded the initial Robinson Banks (prev 'Surgical MCQs')~~
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Anatomy for procedural dermatology
The linear wrinkles on the face f...,
All motor nerves lie above the sm...,
The parotid nodes are palpated on...
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Aseptic Technique
Chlorhexidine gluconte and pi but...,
For surgical procedures the conta...,
Autoclaving generates pressures o...
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Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Adrenaline can reduce uterine blo...,
Tetracaine can provide anaesthesi...,
Sharp well localised pain is tras...
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Instruments and Materials
Absorbable suture loses most of i...,
Surgical gut is rapidly degraded ...,
Polydiaxone pds is absorbed much ...
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Patient evaluation, informed consent, preoperative assessment and care
Patients who have had organ trans...,
Vitamin e alpha tocopherol is a p...,
The combination of non selective ...
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If used prophylactically antibiot...,
The most frequently isolated path...,
Tobacco and alcohol use are not r...
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Wound Healing
Wound healing occurs in non overl...,
The depth of the wound determines...,
Sharp wounds created by scalpels ...
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Wound healing and its impact on dressings and postoperative care
Acute wounds have been shown to h...,
In moist wound healing of acute w...,
Moist wound healing promotes a gr...
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Electrosurgery, electrocoagulation, electrofulguration, electrodessication, electrosection, electrocautery
Electrosurgery refers to hermal t...,
Electrocautery is a form of elect...,
Electrocoagulation electrofulgura...
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The basic cryosurgery principle i...,
Subzero temperatures cause cell d...,
Tissues including cancer cells ca...
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Skin biopsy techniques
Scars on the chest often stretch,
The ventral forearm has a tendenc...,
The dorsum of the hand has a tend...
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Incision, draining and exteriorization techniques
Tumescent anaesthesia should not ...,
The incision for removal of a lip...,
Lipomas are not usually encapsulated
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Suturing materials and epidermal closure techniques
Buried sutures can be used to clo...,
When undermining wound edges skin...,
The configuration of a suture den...
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Complex layered facial closures
The superficial musculoaponeuroti...,
The skin is both viscoelastic and...,
Creep refers to the skin s abilit...
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Physiologic haemostasis occurs in...,
Regarding physiologic haemostasis...,
Regarding physiologic haemostasis...
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Ellipse, ellipse variations and dog-ear repairs
Antibiotic prophylaxis is not req...,
Most newer pacemakers have filter...,
Implantable cardioverter debrilla...
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Random pattern cutaneous flaps
It is particularly true for trans...,
The plane of flap elevation is cr...,
Secondary lobe the portion of a f...
104  cards
Axial pattern flaps
Axial pattern flaps are cutaneous...,
Axial pattern flaps have a pedicl...,
The paramedian forehead flap has ...
45  cards
Skin grafting
A skin graft is a portion of skin...,
Full thickness grafts epidermis a...,
Split thickness grafts epidermis ...
91  cards
Scar revision
Fusiform elliptical excision is t...,
W plasty geometric broken line cl...,
Z plasty v y repair and y v repai...
63  cards
Psychosocial issues and the cosmetic surgery patient
Body dysmorphic disorder is one o...,
Cosmetic surgery is generally con...,
In patients seeking cosmetic surg...
29  cards
Evaluation and management of the ageing face
Young faces are characterized by ...,
Evaluation of the ageing face mus...,
Changes in muscle mass and tone a...
53  cards
Soft tissue augmentation - Fillers
Fillers can restore symmetry and ...,
Radiesse and sculptra are conside...,
Sculptra is composed of calcium h...
161  cards
Chemical peels (incl JAAD CME Aug 2019)
In chemical peels the agent used ...,
For patients with extensive aks s...,
Pre treatment with tretinoin or a...
189  cards
Botulinum toxins
Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin p...,
Botulinum toxin binds to the chol...,
Botox and dysport are type b botu...
118  cards
Autologous fat transfer (AFT)
Autologous fat transfer can be us...,
It is essential to overcorrect wh...,
Autologous fat transfer has no po...
95  cards
Laser hair removal
The three anatomical units of the...,
The infundibulum is the region fr...,
The isthmus is the region between...
159  cards
Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion not in 3rd Ed
The most common indication for de...,
Regarding dermabrasion wounds nee...,
Traditional dermbrasion utilises ...
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Laser treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions
Q switched lasers with extremely ...,
The main chromophores in skin are...,
By limiting the pulse duration ie...
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Energy-based treatment of the ageing face for skin resurfacing – Ablative and non-ablative lasers & Photodynamic therapy
Regarding photodamage ablative la...,
Regarding photodamage non ablativ...,
Ablative laser skin resurfacing p...
152  cards
Laser and Light Treatment of Acquired and Congenital Vascular Lesions
Lasers produce selective photocoa...,
Lasers produce selective photocoa...,
Larger diameter and deeper vessel...
141  cards
Sclerotherapy of varicose veins
The aim of sclerotherapy is the t...,
Foam sclerotherapy is the method ...,
Liquid sclerotherapy is effective...
79  cards
Endovascular Ablation Techniques with Ambulatory Phlebectomy for Varicose Veins
Failure to treat proximal incompe...,
Endoluminal radiofrequency or inf...,
Ambulatory phlebectomy may be per...
52  cards
Keloid management
Keloids are a hyperproliferative ...,
Keloids appear most commonly in a...,
Genetic predisposition does not p...
95  cards
Vitiligo surgery
The absence of progression of dis...,
Thin split thickness skin or suct...,
Minigrating is the easiest techni...
62  cards
Management of Dysplastic Naevi not in 3rd Ed
The total number of melanocytic n...,
Most melanomas arise within dyspl...,
Dysplastic naevi rarely occur on ...
28  cards
Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology
Mohs provides the highest cure ra...,
Mohs has clearance approx 80 for ...,
Critical in the process is that t...
58  cards
Leg Ulcer Management
Compression therapy is the mainst...,
Bacterial colonisation of chronic...,
Moist wound healing is better tha...
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Nail Surgery
The fingers and toes have paired ...,
The dorsal nerves reach the dista...,
The distal nail bed attaches to t...
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Acne scar revision
Ice pick scars are less than 2mm ...,
Boxcar scars extend 1mm into dermis,
The 3 methods for treating acne s...
67  cards
Rejuvenation of external female genitalia
Ageing of female genitals modifie...,
Pubic hair becoems more curly wit...,
Labia minora increase in size wit...
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Paver stuff
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Photoaging & Melasma
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Riedels line is the head angled s...,
Riedels line connects most promin...,
The facial plane is a vertical li...
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Compounded Recipes
Whitfield ointment,
Uptons paste,
Kligmans formula
3  cards
Topical glycopyrronium 2 avoids u...,
Beneficial effects of topical gly...
2  cards
AK field tx
Name two methods for overcoming h...,
Laser assisted pdt for ak treatme...,
There is evidence to suggest that...
6  cards
List subtypes of warts,
What is the likelihood of spontan...
2  cards
Describe ideal candidate for lipo...,
Areas to avoid with liposuction t...,
Absolute ci to tumescent liposuction
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