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2 - TNF Inhibitors
Increased lesion and serum tnf al...,
Tnf alpha is a th1 t helper 1 cel...,
Tnf alpha up regulates intracellu...
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2 - Cytotoxic Agents
Cytotoxic agents can be categoris...,
The general risks associated with...,
Cytotoxic agents modulate the beh...
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2 - Topical and Intralesional Chemotherapeutic Agents
5 fu is an antimetabolite and str...,
5 fu and its metabolites are mis ...,
5 fu metabolites also block the f...
71  cards
2 - Topical Contact Allergens
Topical contact allergens induces...,
Topical contact allergens treat v...,
The ideal contact allergen is a p...
37  cards
2 - Topical Vitamin D3
Provitamin d3 7 dehydrocholestero...,
Provitamin d3 is 7 dehydrocholest...,
Previtamin d3 is 9 10 secosterol ...
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3 - Mycophenolate Mofetil
Mmf is a prodrug,
The active antimetabolite of mmf ...,
Mycophenolic acid has antibacteri...
74  cards
2 - Antihistamines
Histamine is synthesised and stor...,
Mast cells synthesise histamine f...,
Histamine is bound to granules co...
113  cards
3 - Interferons
Interferons protects the cell fro...,
Interferon are a fa ily of secret...,
There are 3 types of interferon
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3 - PUVA, NB-UVB and UVA-1 phototherapy
Uva wavelength is 320 400nm,
Uvb wavelength is 311nm,
Psoralen plus ultraviolet a puva ...
79  cards
3 - Photodynamic Therapy
Aminolevulinic acid ala is a pdt ...,
Methyl aminolevulinate mal is a p...,
Mal is more hydrophilic than ala
92  cards
3 - Botulinum Toxin
Cbotulinum neurotoxins inhibit ac...,
Inhibition of acetylcholine relea...,
There are 7 serotypes of c botuli...
61  cards
2 - Vasoactive and Antiplatelet Agents
Patients with raynaud s phenomeno...,
Pentoxifylline is known to reduce,
The endothelium produces prostacy...
135  cards
2 - Antiandrogens and Androgen Inhibitors
Androgens influence cutaneous str...,
Free testosterone and dihydrotest...,
Dihydrotestosterone is the target...
110  cards
3 - Insect Repellents
There is scientific evidence that...,
Deet based repellents seem to be ...,
Alcohol ingestion increases the l...
55  cards
3 - Topical Minoxidil
Minoxidil is available as a 2 and...,
Minoxidil increases the duration ...,
Minoxidil is an atp sensitive pot...
15  cards
Methotrexate is a chemotherapeuti...,
Methotrexate is an immunosuppress...,
Concomitant use of methotrexate w...
97  cards
Cyclosporine is also known as cyc...,
Csa was originally discovered and...,
Sandimmune and a worse are both f...
80  cards
3 - Topical Antioxidants
Vitamin c l ascorbic acid is a fr...,
Vitamin c l ascorbic acid absorbs...,
Vitamin c l ascorbic acid in comb...
12  cards
CYP 450
Cyp p450 inhibitors a amtifungals...,
Cyp1a2 inhibitor,
Cyp2d6 inhibitor
8  cards
3 - Topical Agents for Haemostasis and Hyperhidrosis
Aluminium chloride ferric subsurf...,
Aluminium chloride is also used i...,
Aluminium chloride reversibly inh...
16  cards
3 - Topical Dithranol (Anthralin)
Dithranol is also known as anthralin,
Dithranol inhibits monocytes proi...,
Dithranol induces extra cellular ...
10  cards
Tretinoin retrieve cream is all t...,
Isotretinoin is 13 cis retinoic acid,
Isotretinoin 13 cis retinoic acid...
115  cards
Tretinoin is an oxidised form of ...,
Alitretinoin 9 cis retinoic acid ...,
All topical retinoids should be a...
109  cards
Topical calcineurin inhibitors ar...,
Cyclosporine a calcineurin inhibi...,
Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus have ...
57  cards
3 - Therapeutic Shampoos
Therapeutic shampoos are used to ...,
Therapeutic shampoos cleanse the ...,
Dandruff is a scaling condition o...
112  cards
The inactive form cortisone is co...,
The addition of a 1 2 double bond...,
Prednisolone is the active analog...
245  cards
2 - Azathioprine
Azathioprine was synthesised from...,
Azathioprine has immunosuppressan...,
Prior to starting azathioprine th...
73  cards
Topical corticosteroid potency re...,
The stoughton vasoconstriction as...,
The resultant clinical potency of...
159  cards
2 - Dapsone
Dapsone is a sulfone compound cou...,
Dapsone is the mainstay of lepros...,
70 80 of dapsone is absorbed
81  cards
2 - Antimalarial Agents
Hydroxychloroquine chloroquine an...,
Hcq and cq are 4 aminoquinolines ...,
Antimalarials are bitter water so...
79  cards
Owing to the increased prevalence...,
Penicillins are bactericidal,
Cephalosporins are bactericidal
264  cards
Bacitracin polymixin b neomycin m...,
Polymixin b neomycin mupirocin re...,
Mupirocin is a topical antibacter...
150  cards
Pharmacokinetics is what the body...,
Pharmacodynamics is what the drug...,
Pharmacogenetics is the interindi...
3  cards
The 5 main antifungal systemic ag...,
Systemic griseofulvin and ketocon...,
Terbinafine is an allylamine
147  cards
Topical antifungals are considere...,
The most commonly employed topica...,
Nystatin and amphotericin b are p...
121  cards
2 - Systemic Antiviral Agents
Once viruses such as human herpes...,
The human herpes viruses family i...,
Hsv 1 and hsv 2 have been shown t...
99  cards
2 - Systemic Antiparasitic Agents
Ivermectin is a semisynthetic ant...,
Ivermectin has structural similar...,
Although topical permethrin appea...
70  cards
2 - Topical and Intralesional Antiviral Agents
Topical and intralesional gents c...,
The viricidal topical agents incl...,
The topical intralesional immune ...
114  cards
2 - Topical Antiparasitic Agents
The 3 major types of parasitic in...,
Pyrethrins are organic compounds ...,
Inspired by the pyrethrins organi...
70  cards
3 - Sunscreens
Drug photosensitisation and photo...,
Uv radiation reaching the earth s...,
The uvb blockers include 1 octino...
94  cards
3 - Alpha-Hydroxy Acids
Alpha hydroxy acids aha belongs t...,
The most commonly used aha are 1 ...,
The most commonly used aha are 1 ...
100  cards
3 - Agents used for Hyperkeratosis
The following are agents used for...,
Salicylic acid and salicylates wh...,
Salicylic acid has been classifie...
106  cards
3 - Moisturisers
Moisturisers function to retard t...,
Moisturisers increase the water c...,
Moisturisers can be classified as...
21  cards
3 - Hair Shampoos
Shampoos are intended to 1 remove...,
Hair shampoos contain the followi...,
Detergents are the primary shampo...
11  cards
3 - IV Immunoglobulin Therapy (IVIg)
Ivig is derived from a purified h...,
Ivig contains igg in supraphysiol...,
Ivig exerts a variety of immunomo...
69  cards
2 - Local Anaesthetics
Local anaesthetics are either 1 i...,
Injectable anaesthetics are 1 ami...,
Topical anaesthetics are 1 amide ...
193  cards
3 - Interleukin 12/23 Inhibitors
Newly developed biological agents...,
Biologic agents have been very su...,
Progressive multifocal leukoencep...
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