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Chapter 1: Introduction to Forensic Psychology
Forensic psychology,
History of forensic psychology,
James cattell
43  cards
Lecture 1: Overview of Forensic Psychology
External validity,
Forensic psychology,
Internal validity
37  cards
Chapter 2: Police Psychology
Police selection procedures,
History of police selection,
Lewis terman
56  cards
Lecture 2: Police Selection and Police Stress
Assessment centre,
Cognitive ability tests,
65  cards
Chapter 3: The Psychology of Police Investigations
Police investigation,
Interpreting confessions in north...,
Impact of confessions on convictions
88  cards
Lecture 3: Police Interrogations and Detecting Deception
Coerced compliant false confession,
Coerced internalization false con...,
Reid model
50  cards
Chapter 4: Deception
Assumption of the polygraph,
Creation of the polygraph
74  cards
Lecture 4: Criminal Profiling and Geographic Profiling
Barnum effect,
Deductive clinical profiling,
Inductive statistical profiling
46  cards
Chapter 5: Eyewitness Testimony
Eyewitness testimony relies on _____,
Stages of memory,
Memory retrieval
156  cards
Lecture 5: Eyewitness Testimony and Police Interviewing
Absolute judgement,
Estimator variable,
Eyewitness recall
55  cards
Chapter 7: Juries: Fact Finders
Criminal cases,
Civil cases,
Juries in civil vs criminal trials
163  cards
Lecture 6: Jury Decision-Making
Challenge for cause,
Change of venue
41  cards
Chapter 8: The Role of Mental Illness in Court
What elements are necessary for c...,
Actus reus,
Mens rea
112  cards
Lecture 7: Fitness to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility
Fitness interview test fit r,
Fitness to stand trial,
Maccat ca
29  cards
Chapter 9: Sentencing and Parole in Canada
Roles of the major courts in canada,
Divisions of the canadian court s...,
Jurisdiction of canadian courts
86  cards
Lecture 8: Sentencing and Offender Treatment
Fundamental principle of sentencing,
General deterrence
46  cards
Chapter 10: Risk Assessment
Historical view of risk assessment,
Contemporary view of risk assessment,
What are the 2 considerations tha...
103  cards
Lecture 9: Risk Assessment
Actuarial predictions,
Dynamic risk factors,
Hcr 20
10  cards
Lecture 10: Psychopathy
Affective or reactive violence,
Pcl r,
Instrumental violence
4  cards
Chapter 11: Psychopaths
Hare psychopathy checklist revise...,
What is the most popular rater ba...
33  cards

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