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Lecture 1 - What is Abnormal Psychology?
According to the dsm what must so...,
What does the prevalence of a men...,
What are 3 kinds of prevalence st...
20  cards
Lecture 2 - Classification and Diagnosis
What 2 components does todays def...,
Fix cardwhat is a limitation of t...,
Is the prevalence of mental disor...
22  cards
**Lecture 3 - Does Psychotherapy Work?
0  cards
Tutorial 1 - Classification, Diagnosis
What makes a mental disorder hint...
1  cards
**Lecture 4 - Social Anxiety
What are the 3 interrelated anxie...,
Cognitive model of social phobia ...,
Cognitive model of social phobia ...
5  cards
Tutorial 2 - Anxiety Disorders
What was the primary aim and meth...,
Briefly outline what is meant by ...,
Briefly outline what is meant by ...
15  cards
*Lecture 5 - Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
What are the 4 steps in social pr...,
What are the dsm 5 anxiety disord...,
What is anxiety
15  cards
*Lecture 6 - Trauma-Related Disorders (PTSD)
What are the trauma and stressor ...,
What are the criteria for ptsd,
Acute stress disorder
14  cards
*Lectures 7,8,9 - Unipolar Depressive Disorders
What is the main criteria of majo...,
What does a major depressive epis...,
What was the major change between...
77  cards
Week 3 Reading: Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
What was the primary aim and meth...,
Briefly outline the definitions o...,
What would be the treatment of ch...
4  cards
*Lecture 10 - Bipolar Disorder
What should we be able to do by t...,
Make notes from chp 3 of textbook,
How has the classification of bip...
49  cards
Lecture 14 - Gambling Addiction
Talk about the gambling in history,
What of suicides are related to g...,
Define gambling
21  cards
Lecture 11 - Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Diagnostic criteria of schizophre...,
Typical symptoms and their charac...,
Diagnostic criteria of schizophre...
51  cards
Lectures 12 & 13 - Addictive Disorders: Alcohol & Drugs
What should i know for this topic,
What is a drug,
What kinds of effects can drugs h...
60  cards
*Lecture 15 - Eating Disorders 1: Anorexia Nervosa (AN)
Do we have effective treatment fo...,
Is an the consequence of the mode...,
What were the symptoms of green s...
73  cards
*Lecture 16 - Eating Disorders 2: Bulimia Nervosa (BN)
What is bulimia nervosa,
How is an episode of binge eating...,
What are four examples of inappro...
68  cards
*Lecture 17 - Eating Disorders 3: Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and other Eating Disorders (EDs)
What questions would you have to ...,
What is pica,
Which specifier does an have that...
65  cards
Lecture 18 - Child Abnormal Psychology: ADHD
What type of disorder is adhd,
What is the developmental traject...,
How do environments potentiate bi...
28  cards
Lecture 19 - Conduct Problems
What chapter are odd and cd in,
Which disorder is this criteria f...,
Which disorder is this criteria f...
17  cards
Lecture 20 - Treatment of Conduct Problems
What are the guiding principles f...,
Fix card,
What are the predictors of treatm...
17  cards
*Lecture 21 - Toward New Treatments for Early Onset Conduct Disorders in Children with Limited Prosocial Emotions
What is one way that attention re...,
Fix cardwhat emotions are callous...,
Fix card
7  cards
Lecture 22 & 23 - Personality Disorders 1 & 2
What are the key factors and issu...,
What are the 3 core features of p...,
What are the 3 core features of p...
30  cards
*Lecture 24 - Sexual Dysfunctions
How does the dsm 5 define a sexua...,
Fix cardprevalence of sexual dysf...,
Fix cardspecifiers subtypes
58  cards
Lecture 25 - Health Psyc, adjustment to illness
What are the critical time points...,
What are the key issues and psych...,
What are the key issues and psych...
24  cards
Vocab Test
18  cards
*Tutorial 6 - Addictive Behaviours
Why is it important to develop a ...,
What are the 3 main pathways subg...,
Describe the behaviourally condit...
19  cards
*Tutorial 7 - Eating Disorders
Why is it important to effectivel...,
What are some of the challenges i...,
Fix cardwhat were the aims of the...
12  cards
**Tutorial 8 - Child Externalising Disorders
1 parent training interventions a...,
2 the most significant change to ...,
3 what approach to assessing meas...
9  cards
*Tutorial 9 - Personality Disorders
What diagnosis do you think would...,
Give 4 reasons why the use of sel...,
Fix card
16  cards

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