psych 100a - psychological statistics

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Syllabus Lecture Slides
Case study,
Sigmund freud,
Why do we learn statistics
4  cards
Chapter 1 - Variables And Measurement Scales (Lecture Slides)
Observational study,
Experimental study,
15  cards
Chapter 1 - Variables And Measurement Scales (Book Notes)
What is measurement,
What is operationalisation,
What is a theoretical construct
5  cards
Chapter 2 - Summarizing And Comparing Distributions (Lecture Slides)
What are descriptive statistics,
What is a distribution,
What do discrete variables measure
23  cards
Quiz #1 - Chapter 1 - Variables & Measurement Scales
Which of the following is a conti...,
Which of the following is a discr...,
Which of the following variables ...
11  cards
Quiz #2 - Chapter 2 - Summarizing Distributions
In a frequency distribution which...,
A study explored the effectivenes...,
A dog food company tests whether ...
12  cards
Chapter 3 - Central Tendency
What is central tendency,
What are the 3 different definiti...,
What is mean
33  cards
Quiz #3 - Chapter 3 - Central Tendency
Consider the following set of dep...,
Considering the frequency distrib...,
Considering the frequency distrib...
20  cards
Chapter 4: Variability
What is variability,
Low variability a similar scoresb...,
High variability a similar scores...
21  cards
Quiz #4 - Chapter 4 - Variability
A researcher summarized the descr...,
In a normal distribution with a m...,
A researcher is summarizing a sam...
11  cards
Chapter 5: Standardizing Distributions
Why do we use standard scores,
What is the minnesota multiphasic...,
What is the neo pi r
11  cards
Quiz #5 - Chapter 5 - Standardizing Distributions
In a negatively skewed distributi...,
Researchers are interested in stu...,
A researcher is summarizing a sam...
12  cards
Chapter 6: Sampling Error & Sampling Distributions
What is random sampling error,
How do you calculate sampling error,
True or false estimates vary acro...
51  cards
Quiz #6 - Chapter 6: Sampling Error & Sampling Distribution
Standard error is larger with a _...,
A psychologist administers an anx...,
A psychologist studying exam anxi...
13  cards
Chapter 7: Margin Of Error & Confidence Intervals
What do descriptive statistics do,
What do inferential statistics do,
True or false the distribution of...
30  cards
Quiz #7 - Margin of Error & Confidence Intervals
A researcher is interested in stu...,
A clinical researcher estimates t...,
A researcher finds the sample mea...
14  cards
Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing
Define hypothesis a a concrete an...,
Define specify a hypothesis a cre...,
True or false 95 of all samples w...
46  cards
Quiz 8 - Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing
A researcher is studying the happ...,
The p value for the happiness stu...,
The p value for the happiness stu...
16  cards
Chapter 9: Paired-Samples t Test
Chapter 8 review when should you ...,
Review what is a within group res...,
What is a paired sample t test a ...
37  cards
Quiz 9 - Chapter 9: Paired-Samples t-Test
A researcher wants to study the e...,
A researcher conducted a study ex...,
Researchers at a university colle...
15  cards
Chapter 10: Independent-Samples t Test
Which of the following is appropr...,
Define a between group research d...,
Define an independent samples t t...
43  cards
Quiz 10 - Chapter 10: Independent-Samples t-Test
A researcher conducted an indepen...,
A drug company wants to see if a ...,
Which of the following research s...
14  cards
Chapter 11: Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA)
Anova is appropriate for a betwee...,
Anova is appropriate for research...,
The independent variable is the _...
34  cards
Quiz 11 - Chapter 11: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
A researcher is interested in stu...,
Following the previous question i...,
A clinical trial was created to t...
18  cards
Chapter 12: Correlation
What is correlation a correlation...,
Pearson s correlation is the most...,
Review which test is used to meas...
36  cards
Quiz 12: Correlation
A researcher studies the associat...,
A researcher gives 300 us adults ...,
For which pair of variables would...
14  cards

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