psychological foundations of mental health

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Foundations of cognitive psychology: from Plato to Pavlov
What does cognition refer to in e...,
What is cognitive psychology as a...,
What are the two aims of cognitiv...
61  cards
The heyday of behaviourism: operant learning
What did edward l thorndike study,
What was thorndikes idea on human...,
What does the behaviourism vs cog...
43  cards
The cognitive (r)evolution
Who challenged skinners operant a...,
Which movement did edward tolman ...,
What is edward tolmans latent lea...
59  cards
Nature of emotion
What are emotions,
What are the 2 perspectives on th...,
What are emotions according to th...
36  cards
Emotion processing: bottom-up effects of emotions on cognitive processes
What is attention,
Why is there a selection of the i...,
How does the adaptative evolution...
50  cards
Emotional regulation: top-down cognitive processes on emotional responses
What is derrybery and reeds 2002 ...,
What did derryberry and reed find...,
Which evidence supports the findi...
30  cards
What are attitudes,
How do attitudes differ from values,
Why do people have attitudes
48  cards
Evaluation: interpretation and appraisal
What is an appraisal,
What is the facial feedback hypot...,
Following the facial feedback hyp...
33  cards
Delving deeper into social cognition
What does social cognition refer to,
Which two areas of psychology gav...,
What are the three psychological ...
58  cards
The First Wave - Behavioural Psychotherapy
What were the two traditions of 2...,
Which approaches constituted the ...,
What was the goal of the new beha...
74  cards
The Second Wave - The role of cognition and the emergence of cognitive therapy
What did epictetus propose that i...,
What are the 3 approaches in cbt,
Who are the pioneers of cognitive...
36  cards
Cognitive therapy in principle and in practice
What are the three aims of cognit...,
What is the difference between wh...,
What may a simple causal model ev...
36  cards
Introduction to the design and evaluation of clinical trials for psychotherapy research
What is the definition of psychot...,
What is the purpose and method to...,
What is the purpose of gathering ...
50  cards
Systematic review
What are the four purposes of a s...,
What are 6 requirements in the ma...,
Why does a systematic review requ...
18  cards
The efficacy of CBT for adult depression
What are the 5 r s to measure out...,
What does positive treatment resp...,
What does remission correspond to
22  cards
Why must sensory information be i...,
Why is there a focus on vision in...,
What are the 3 misconceptions abo...
23  cards
What is attention,
What is the consequence of pathol...,
What is automatically selected by...
29  cards
What is a key factor in atkinsons...,
How did shallice and warrington 1...,
What is working memory for baddel...
29  cards

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psychological foundations of mental health

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