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Cognitive area: Moray
What is the cognitive area of psy...,
What was the focus of morays study,
What is the background for morays...
60  cards
Cognitive area: Loftus and Palmer
What was the aim of the study,
What was the research methods of ...,
What was the sample used in exper...
49  cards
Developmental area: Bandura
What is classical conditioning,
What is operant conditioning,
What does social learning theory ...
56  cards
Development area: Kohlberg
What did kohlberg base his theory...,
What was kohlbergs aim,
What research method did kohlberg...
37  cards
Social area: Milgram
What is the germans are different...,
What was milgrams aim,
What was milgrams research method
40  cards
Social area: Piliavin
Describe the case of kitty genovese,
What is bystander apathy,
What is diffusion of responsibility
60  cards
Individual differences area: Freud
What type of development was freu...,
What was the research aims,
What research methods did freud use
48  cards
Individual differences area: Gould
In what country was there initial...,
What did yerkes want to show in t...,
What did gould want to show about...
60  cards
Biological area: Sperry
The language abilities of the lef...,
What was wernickes area responsib...,
What was brocas area responsible for
34  cards
Biological area: Blakemore and Cooper
What is the name of the research ...,
What did hirsch and spinelli find,
Define neuroplasticity
55  cards
Developmental area: Chaney
What percentage of people with as...,
What is compliance,
What is operant conditioning
49  cards
Developmental: Lee
Why were chinese children chosen ...,
Why were canadian children chosen...,
What is an individualistic culture
67  cards
Social area: Bocchiaro
Define research paradigm,
Define whistle blower,
Define personality inventory
62  cards
Social area: Levine
Define collectivist,
Define individualist,
What is purchasing power parity ppp
48  cards
Individual differences area: Baron-Cohen
What is autism,
What are the triads of impairment,
Describe social communication in ...
68  cards
Individual differences area: Hancock
What is a psychopath,
What was the pcl r,
What is hypothesis 1 of hancocks ...
47  cards
Biological area: Casey
What task were the 4 year olds given,
What were the 4 year olds told wh...,
Who tested the 4 year olds
82  cards
Biological area: Maguire
What was maguires aim,
What was maguires experimental me...,
What evidence is there that magui...
41  cards
Cognitive area: Grant et al
What key theme does grant look into,
What is the name of the backgroun...,
What did godden and baddley test
47  cards
Issues in mental health: Topic One
What is topic one,
What are the 3 historical views o...,
What is the general belief of ani...
75  cards
Issues in mental health: Topic Two
What is topic two,
Which neurotransmitter has been l...,
What is it thought that low level...
38  cards
Issues in mental health: Topic Three
What is topic 3,
What is classical conditioning,
What did watson and raynor do
33  cards
Cognitive area: Simons and Chabris
What was the key theme of simons ...,
What is inattentional blindness,
What two types of research do s a...
46  cards
Criminal: Topic One
What is topic one,
What is the name of the key resea...,
Describe the sample used in raine...
40  cards
Criminal: Topic Two
What is topic 2,
What is the key research for topic 2,
What did h and ps sample consist of
40  cards
Criminal: Topic Three
What did fisher geiselman create,
What are the 4 steps of the cogni...,
What did reid create
15  cards
Criminal: Topic Four
What is topic four,
What is the key research for this...,
What did dixon look into
36  cards
Criminal: Topic Five
What is topic five,
What is the key research,
What did wilson and kelling look ...
24  cards
Criminal: Topic Six
What is topic 6,
What is the key research,
What was zimbardos aim
29  cards
Research methods
Define experiment,
Define lab experiment,
Define field experiment
116  cards
Debates and Methodological issues
Define reliability,
Define validity,
Define ethics
12  cards
Areas (definitions, strengths and weaknesses)
What are the defining characteris...,
What are the strengths of the soc...,
What are the weaknesses of the so...
21  cards

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