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1.01 Defining psychology
The scientific study of behavior ...,
Outward or over actions and react...,
Internal covert activity in our m...
10  cards
1.02 History of psychology
Greek philosopher believed in nat...,
Greek philosopher believed we are...,
Blank slate
27  cards
3.01 Psychology as science
System of gathering data so that ...,
Tentative explanation of a phenom...,
Tendency of observers to see what...
40  cards
1.03 Approaches to psychology
Based on freuds work,
Based on watson and skinners work,
Leaders include maslow and rogers
36  cards
4.01 Neurons and synapses
A network of cells that carry inf...,
Broad science that explores the s...,
___ psychology also called behavi...
56  cards
4.02 Nervous systems
Two components of the central ner...,
Bundle of neurons that carry mess...,
Outer section of the spinal cord ...
22  cards
4.03 Endocrine system
Organs that secrete release chemi...,
Chemicals secreted by endocrine g...,
Master gland located below the hy...
14  cards
4.04 How we study the brain
Ways we study the brain,
Procedure in which an electrode k...,
Temporarily disrupting or enhanci...
10  cards
5.01 Intro to sensation
Occurs when special receptors in ...,
Anything in the environment that ...,
The process by which outside stim...
14  cards
5.02 Seeing
Property of light determined by t...,
Property of light determined by t...,
Long wavelengths are found at the...
29  cards
5.06 Perception
The process by which your brain t...,
The first step in perception,
The phenomenon of being able to f...
48  cards
6.04 Cognitive and observational learning
The mental events that take place...,
Gestalt psychologist interested i...,
Mental representations of physica...
13  cards
6.05 Forming memories
Three stages of memory according ...,
Stage of memory in which informat...,
Visual sensory memory that lasts ...
34  cards
6.06 Retrieving memories
A stimulus for remembering a cert...,
The connection between our surrou...,
Encoding specificity that depends...
12  cards
6.07 Failures of memory
The most likely fate of old memories,
The idea that memories are recons...,
Memory researcher who has found e...
15  cards
6.08 Neuroscience and memory
Brain region where memories of fe...,
Two lobes where st and lt memorie...,
Region of the brain that is like ...
16  cards
7.02 Problem solving
Mental activity that occurs in th...,
Cognition is another word for __,
Representations that stand in for...
28  cards
7.03 Intelligence
The ability to learn from experie...,
He theorized that intelligence co...,
He is a leader in the field of mu...
24  cards
7.05 Language
A system for combining symbols so...,
Two purposes of language,
The system of rules governing the...
22  cards
8.03 Infancy and childhood
Inborn naturally occurring does n...,
An innate involuntary behavior pa...,
Five reflexes in infants
63  cards
9.04-9.05 Stress
The physical emotional cognitive ...,
Stress causing events,
Occurs when people experience unp...
64  cards
10.01 Social influence
He famously studied conformity du...,
How many participant in aschs lin...
22  cards
10.02 Social cognition
Field of social psychology that f...,
A tendency to respond positively ...,
Three components of an attitude
26  cards
2.01 Defining personality
The unique way in which each indi...,
Value judgments made about a pers...,
Enduring characteristics we are b...
7  cards
2.02 Freud and neo-Freudianism
The hidden part of the mind that ...,
According to freud the most impor...,
Freuds three levels of awareness
39  cards
11.02 Sleep
Describes any biological rhythm t...,
Brain structure that controls the...,
The light sensitive structure wit...
35  cards

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