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Historical Views of Mental Health
What were old methods of treating...,
What are newer treatments of trea...,
What 4 types of definition for ab...
45  cards
Medical Model of Mental Illness
What are 3 biological explanation...,
What does the biomedical model say,
What is the biochemical explanati...
30  cards
Alternatives to the Medical Model
What is the behaviourist model fo...,
How does classical conditioning c...,
How does operant conditioning cau...
28  cards
What makes a Criminal ?
What did cesare lombroso claim ab...,
What did william sheldon believe,
What are the 3 modern physiologic...
24  cards
Forensic Evidence
What could make a difference in t...,
What are the 3 basic fingerprint ...,
What are arches
19  cards
Evidence from Witnesses
What is an interrogation,
What are interrogation techniques...,
What are the dangers of using int...
19  cards
Psychology and the Courtroom
What is the halo effect,
What were sigall and ostrove 1975...,
What was the method of sigall and...
13  cards
Crime Prevention
What was the pruitt igoe housing ...,
What is defensible space,
What was the van dyke and brownsv...
19  cards
Effects of Imprisonment
What are the 4 reasons for impris...,
How do prisons punish offenders,
How do prisons work
22  cards
Stressors in the Environment
What is stress,
What did seleye state about stress,
What is arousal and fight or flight
20  cards
Circadian Rhythms
Why does the brain need sleep,
What are circadian rhythms,
What evidence is there for endoge...
18  cards
What are conservation behaviours,
What are light green conservation...,
What are dark green conservation ...
25  cards
What is ergonomics,
What is the multi store model of ...,
What is the working memory model
18  cards
Built Environment
What research shows noise to be a...,
What research shows overcrowding ...,
What research shows commuting to ...
16  cards
Territory and Personal Space
What is territory,
What is personal space,
What factors influence personal s...
9  cards

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