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7 - Cultural Diversity in the Community
Research has shown that asian men...,
Which of the following statements...,
A nurse states that the client ha...
33  cards
29 - Child and Adolescent Health
A family with children has income...,
A mother tells the nurse she is a...,
A nurse is caring for a preschool...
21  cards
37 - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Problems
A nurse is providing education to...,
A nurse is implementing the harm ...,
The nurse is interviewing a clien...
33  cards
38 - Violence and Human Abuse
Homicide is the second leading ca...,
A nurse is completing a community...,
What factor associated with crime...
26  cards
12 - Epidemiology
Voters have recently decided to h...,
A nurse is told that a screening ...,
A phn conducts an immunization cl...
32  cards
14 - Communicable and Infectious Disease Risks
In comparison with hiv infection ...,
A nurse is caring for a client wh...,
Which type of hepatitis would lik...
26  cards
23 - PHN Practice and the Disaster MGMT Cycle
Community preparedness is being u...,
A nurse is working with an older ...,
A nurse is responding to a disast...
23  cards
42 - The Nurse in the Schools
A child s parents have requested ...,
A nurse is providing education to...,
A nurse identifies a child who ma...
22  cards
4 - Perspectives in Global Health Care
Which health problem is in need o...,
A nurse is employed by an agency ...,
A community health nurse is utili...
33  cards
45 - The Nurse in the Faith Community
A nurse is practicing in faith co...,
Where is faith community nursing ...,
A faith community nurse encourage...
25  cards
13 - Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
A nurse is presenting information...,
Which elements of surveillance do...,
The time interval between invasio...
27  cards
24 - Public Health Surveillance and Outbreak Investigation
A nurse is using surveillance to ...,
Which problem does a health depar...,
A nurse is conducting disease sur...
24  cards

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