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ATA25 - Equipment
A p b illuminated in amber means,
37 the a320 cockpit can accommoda...,
38 a blue integrated indication p...
3  cards
ATA24 - Electrical
1 ac ess bus is normally supplied...,
The external power has priority o...,
3 the static inverter transforms ...
35  cards
ATA26 - Fire protection
39 lavatory smoke detectors are s...,
40 when engine fire p b is releas...,
41 what does the fire test p b ve...
27  cards
ATA28 - Fuel
66 on a320 how many pumps are the...,
67 amber fault light illuminates ...,
68 where is the vent surge tank l...
31  cards
ATA33 - Lights
97 the fasten seat belt no smokin...,
98 when the emer exit lt switch i...,
99 rwy turn off lights are locate...
7  cards
104 apu may be used on ground and...,
105 apu master sw p b fault amber...,
106 apu fuel pump is used for bat...
15  cards
ATA70 - Power plant
119 the thrust limit is computed ...,
120 which valve ensure an adequat...,
121 what device provides direct c...
40  cards
ATA27 - Flight controls
159 at landing when passing 30 ft...,
160 if fac 1 and 2 have failed th...,
161 if you are flying at an angle...
38  cards
ATA29 - Hydraulic
197 the priority valves operate i...,
198 the yellow system may be powe...,
199 in case of blue elec pump fai...
44  cards
ATA32 - Landing gear
241 nose wheel steering is availa...,
242 after a failure of adiru 1 an...,
243 the brakes and accumulator pr...
45  cards
ATA35 - Oxygen / Emergency equipments
286 a thermal discharge of the cr...,
287 in the passengers oxygen syst...,
288 if cabin altitude rises above...
5  cards
ATA38 - Water and waste
291 potable water is piped to the...,
292 a failure of the automatic to...,
293 to check the potable water le...
3  cards
ATA21 - Air conditioning / pressurisation / ventilation
294 following an ecam cab press s...,
295 the safety valves are operate...,
296 during landing run pack air f...
48  cards
ATA30 - Ice and rain protection
342 on ground the rain repellent ...,
343 the wing anti ice valves clos...,
344 the rain repellent bottle sho...
22  cards
ATA36 - Pneumatic
364 temperature regulation is ach...,
365 air bleed from the engine is ...,
366 which source operates the ble...
11  cards
ATA52 - Doors
375 the a320 is fitted with emerg...,
376 if a slide fails to inflate a...,
377 the cockpit door can only be ...
4  cards
ATA23 - Communications
379 stby nav has been selected by...,
380 how do you receive atis infor...,
381 if rmp 2 fails the whole syst...
33  cards
ATA31 - Indicating / Recording systems
412 what happens when nd shows re...,
413 can you read optional data wp...,
414 fac s calculate speed trend a...
24  cards
ATA34 - Navigation
436 in normal operation adiru 1 s...,
437 in rose vor mode in the event...,
438 these messages appear on copi...
18  cards
ATA22 - Autoflight
454 in which cases are ap fd a th...,
455 the loc p b on the fcu is pre...,
456 the trim function of the fac ...
60  cards
514 according to airworthiness wh...,
515 after take off pilot can enga...,
516 what is the maximum speed for...
45  cards

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