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APU Limitations
N for amber font,
N for auto shutdown,
Egt for amber font
22  cards
Flow Cues
1  cards
Computer Abriviations
43  cards
A320 Limitations-Spirit Airlines
Note automatic approach landing a...,
Apu bleed use with air start unit,
Note automatic approach landing a...
63  cards
How many generators including apu...,
In flight during generator failur...,
What is the main difference betwe...
25  cards
Fire Detection
What happens when both fire detec...,
How many halon bottle are there,
How many smoke detector cavities ...
10  cards
Why are the wind heading and arro...,
What does adiru 2 power,
What are the 4 reasons fora irs i...
24  cards
What does the sel light indicate,
What does the voice button do,
When you press the transmit butto...
7  cards
Air Conditioning
Each of the 2 ac controller is di...,
What happens to the packs during ...,
How is pack air temp regulated
14  cards
What are the max pressure differe...,
How is pressurization controlled,
What does the residual pressure c...
12  cards
What is the open configuration,
What is the closed configuration,
What is the intermediate configur...
11  cards
What systems require bleed air,
Where is the pressure supplied from,
Bleed air is usually supplied fro...
21  cards
What does the auto selection on t...,
Why is there a 1 2 on the nav log...,
What does the auto on the smoking...
8  cards
Ice & Rain Protection
What are the anti ice and rain pr...,
When should you select engine ant...,
What happens with the engine anti...
16  cards
Fuel System
What is the total fuel capacity,
Center tank capacity,
Each inner tank
29  cards
What engine is in the a319,
What engine is in the a320,
What engine is in the a321
52  cards
What is the operating pressure of...,
What are the possible pressure so...,
How is the system pressurized
20  cards
Nav mode may be used in the termi...,
Runway slope mean,
Max crosswind for start
54  cards
Flight Controls
Unlike conventional aircraft what...,
How do you disconnect the autopil...,
How do you deactivate a side stick
61  cards
0  cards
Memory Items
Egpws warning,
Emergency descent,
Loss of braking
6  cards
Landing Gear & Brakes
To prevent exceeding vfe a safety...,
What hydraulic system powers the ...,
What hydraulic system and compute...
40  cards
What are the 3 enhanced features ...,
What is the difference between th...,
What pb turns the basic functions...
12  cards
Why is it a multiscan radar,
How does the windshear warning sy...,
When man is selected how can the ...
13  cards
What is the range of detection,
What are the 4 types of traffic a...,
Where does the transponder gets a...
7  cards
Flow Cues
Fo prelim,
Fo preflight,
Fo before start
20  cards
11  cards
Step by Step Flow
Aircraft acceptance,
Aircraft technical condition check,
Flight paperwork review
7  cards
Profiency Items
Stall recovery,
Stall warning at liftoff,
Severe turbulence
4  cards
Oral REview
When is the energy warning inhibited,
Function of the fadec,
When are pws alerts inhibited
146  cards
What is the thrust of the v2533,
What are the 6 steps for the obst...,
What is the function of the 2 lgcius
41  cards
RM Gouge
Egpws memory item,
Why would flaps not be at 0 on pr...,
What would cause the gen 1 line s...
41  cards
Localizer Mental Math Memorized
1 nm,
15  cards

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