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1 - Cash investments and fixed-interests securities
What are cash and fixed interest ...,
In economic downturn what happens...,
When interest rates decline what ...
107  cards
2 - Equties, property and alternative investments
What is an equity,
What affects share prices long term,
What affects share prices short term
83  cards
3 - Economic environment
What is leakages in circular flow,
What is injection in circular flow,
What are the phases of economic c...
25  cards
4 - Investment theory
What is modern porfolio theory,
What is essential to mpt,
What is most common measure of risk
21  cards
5 - Time Value of money
Compound interest formulae,
Effective annual rate ear formuale,
What is ear used for
11  cards
6 - Risk
What are the two types of risk ac...,
What is an example of systematic ...,
Which committee board helps with ...
19  cards
7 - Indirect investments
If a fund does not have initial c...,
What do balance funds look for,
Who regulates sale and marketing ...
166  cards
8 - Other indirect investments
What type of basis are with profi...,
How often are bonuses added to po...,
What are bonuses based on
129  cards
9 - The investment advice process
Why is using a structured process...,
What is the investment advice pro...,
Where is the investment advice found
28  cards
10 - The principles of investment
What do pragramits use to asset a...,
What does theoretical approach to...,
What type of judgement do pgramat...
73  cards
11 - The performance of investment performance
Past performance data is essentia...,
What are some limitations for pre...,
What is money weighted return
26  cards

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