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Occlusal Radiology
What are the diff types of occlus...,
What types of sensors are used in...,
What are the indications for an o...
25  cards
Intra-Oral Techniques
What is the ideal projection geom...,
If ideal projection geometry was ...,
What are some problems with getti...
21  cards
Safety Legislation
What are the 3 basic principles o...,
What does it mean by a radiation ...,
What does it mean by a radiation ...
31  cards
Basic Physics
X rays are a form of what kind of...,
The flow of energy from electroma...,
What are the properties of electr...
49  cards
Panoramic Radiology
Panoramic radiographs try to capt...,
What is an image layer also known as,
The principle of layer formation ...
22  cards
Film and Digital Radiology - digital receptors
What is the basic difference betw...,
Out of the different types of fil...,
What diff digital receptors do yo...
30  cards
Film & digital radiography - film receptors
What are the components of an int...,
What is the radiographic film,
What do the photons interact with...
22  cards
X-ray Interaction with Matter (c)
What is the source of x rays,
X ray photons pass from the tube ...,
Interaction with different x alte...
64  cards
Production of X-rays
X rays are produced when what hap...,
What are the components of a dent...,
What are the components of the x ...
30  cards
Lateral Cephalometric Radiographs
What is the mid sagittal plane msp,
What is the inter orbital pupilla...
2  cards
Radiographic Localisation
0  cards
Quality Assurance and Fault Analysis
What is the purpose of quality as...,
The quality assurance programme i...,
The quality assurance programme i...
27  cards

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