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Disease Process
Study of diseases that can cause ...,
Pattern of response of the body t...,
A disease that has a direct causa...
182  cards
Respiratory System Disorders
Structures of the respiratory system,
Trachea branches into,
Bronchi branch into
54  cards
Skeletal System Disorders
Bone consists of,
Outer fibrous membrane of bone co...,
Main shaft like portion of bone
99  cards
Exam 1 Disease and Respiratory Review
Reduction in the size or number o...,
The extensiveness or degree of me...,
Accumulation of abnormal amounts ...
34  cards
GI Quiz
Seventy five percent of intestina...,
How long after an obstruction has...,
The telescoping of the bowel is r...
21  cards
Urinary Quiz
Not a responsibility of the urina...,
Part of the kidney responsible fo...,
Substance produced by the kidney ...
12  cards
Exam 2 Skeletal, GI, Hepatobiliary
Which part of a bone contains a n...,
What type of bone is a spongy web...,
Condition characterized by a post...
47  cards
Urinary and Cardio
Purpose of urinary system,
Filter waste products from the bl...,
Tuft of capillaries that sustains...
95  cards
Exam 3 Urinary and Cardio
The urinary system has all of the...,
The functional unit of the kidney...,
Which structure is a tuft of capi...
39  cards
Exam 4 Nervous / Hematopoetic / Endocrine
Which of the following systems se...,
The impulse conduction route betw...,
Structure that divides the cerebr...
49  cards
Nervous System
What does the cns consist of,
Number of cranial nerves in the p...,
Number of spinal nerves in the pe...
91  cards
Hematopoietic System
Bodily system of organs and tissu...,
Brings oxygen nutrients salts and...,
What is the body s major defense ...
41  cards
Endocrine System
Biochemical communication network...,
Endocrine glands,
Inadequate secretion of hormones
78  cards
Endocrine Hema Quiz
Chemical messengers secreted by e...,
The production of two different h...,
Which of the following anatomical...
25  cards
Exam Final Addeds
Which of the following part of a ...,
What type of bone is a spongy web...,
What condition is characterized b...
14  cards

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