rakeem's haematology

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macrocytic anaemia
Define macrocytic anaemia,
Pathophysiology of macrocytic ana...,
What are megaloblasts
25  cards
iron deficiency anaemia
Define iron deficiency anaemia,
3 types of microcytic anaemia,
Pathophysiology of iron deficienc...
22  cards
sideroblastic anaemia
What is sideroblastic anaemia cha...,
Pathophysiology of sideroblastic ...,
What causes sideroblastic anaemia
16  cards
What is thalassemia characterised by,
What causes thalassemia,
Where is thalassemia more prevalent
14  cards
autoimmune haemolytic anaemia
Define normocytic anaemia,
Define autoimmune haemolytic anaemia,
Pathophysiology of autoimmune ham...
18  cards
G6PD deficiency
What is g6pd deficiency,
Function of g6pd enzyme,
What causes g6pd deficinecy
14  cards
hereditray spherocytosis
What is hereditary spherocytosis ...,
What causes hereditray spherocytosis,
Where is hereditary spherocytosis...
11  cards
What is malaria characterised by,
Pathophysiology of malaria,
Pathophysiology of malaria
16  cards
sickle cell anaemia
What is sickle cell anaemia chara...,
Pathophysiology of sickle cell an...,
Inheritance pattern of sickle cel...
16  cards
non haemolytic anaemia
Define non haemolytic anaemia,
Are cells destroyed in non haemol...,
2 main types of non haemolytic an...
11  cards
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy (DIC)
Define dic,
What causes dic,
Pathophysiology of dic
13  cards
Define haemophilia,
What are the 2 types of haemophilia,
Which haemophilia is more common
19  cards
Von Willebrand disease (VWD)
Define vwd,
What causes vwd,
What is the most common inherited...
26  cards
glandular fever
Define glandular fever,
What causes glandular fever,
How is glandular fever spread
16  cards
Define hiv,
What does hiv target,
How is hiv spread
18  cards
Define leukaemia,
Pathophysiology of leukaemia,
How to classify signs of bleeding...
31  cards
tumour lysis syndrome
Define tumour lysis syndrome,
What is tumour lysis syndrome cau...,
What does tumour lysis syndrome r...
8  cards
Define lymphoma,
What are the 2 classifications of...,
What is the most common specific ...
26  cards
multiple myeloma
Define mutliple myeloma,
What is myeloma,
Pathophysiology of multiple myeloma
28  cards
Define polycythaema,
Pathophysiology of polycythaemia,
What is the most common type of p...
12  cards
What is thrombocytopenia,
What can thrombocytopenia be cate...,
Pathophiosoligy of it
14  cards

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rakeem's haematology

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