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Relationships and Families 12 Markers
Homosexual relationships are not ...,
Homosexual relationships are not ...,
Homosexual relationships are not ...
12  cards
Evolution correct science,
Evolution correct 6 days,
Evolution wrong
29  cards
Mass desturction,
24  cards
Artifical contraception,
Roles of parents,
Roles of men and women
23  cards
Community service,
Hate crimes wrong,
Death penalty wrong christianity
26  cards
THEMES quotes
And prohibits,
41  cards
Christanity- Beliefs
Explain two christian teachings a...,
Its impossible to understand natu...,
Its impossible to understand natu...
37  cards
Christanity- Practices
Explain two contrasting ways in w...,
Explain two reasons why the sacra...,
Explain two ways christians can g...
24  cards
Islam- Beliefs
Explain two ways in which beliefs...,
Explain two ways in which beliefs...,
Explain two ways in which beliefs...
37  cards
Islam Practices
Explain two contrasting understan...,
Explain two contrasting ways of s...,
Explain two ways in which muslims...
21  cards
Islam quotes
We make
32  cards
Christanity Quotes
For god,
That the,
29  cards
Theme A
2 contrasting on homosexuals,
Homosexual for,
Homosexual against
20  cards
Theme B
Origins of universe,
Big bang theory,
For protecting world
18  cards
Theme D
16  cards
Theme E
Poverty and upbringing,
Mental illness and addiction,
Greed and hate
21  cards
THEMES quotes..
Lust after,
And as for,
Do not
51  cards
Salvation through good works for,
Salvation through spirit,
Salvation through jesus
7  cards

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