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Chapter 8: Forms Of Real Estate Ownership
Title is held by two or more indi...,
Where title is held by one indivi...,
Where a third party individual ho...
64  cards
Chapter 9: Legal Descriptions
The process by which boundaries a...,
A detailed way of describing a pa...,
What are the three basic methods ...
21  cards
Chapter 10: Real Estate Taxes And Other Liens
Voluntary lien,
Involuntary lien
48  cards
Chapter 11: Real Estate Contracts
Exist when the party states the t...,
Certain types of contracts must b...,
The agreement of the parties is d...
70  cards
Chapter 1: Introduction To The Real Estate Business
General when the supply of a cert...,
Which factor tends to affect supp...,
Which factor most likely influenc...
26  cards
Chapter 2: Real Property And The Law
The term non homogeneity refers to,
Another term for personal propert...,
When an owner of real estate sell...
4  cards
Chapter 3: Concepts Of Home Ownership
What cannot exceed 28 of gross in...,
Represents the paid off share of ...,
What is not a cost or expense of ...
51  cards
Chapter 4: Real Estate Agency
The person that a licensee repres...,
A person for whom an agent provid...,
A structural defects that would n...
53  cards
Chapter 5: Real Estate Brokerage
A broker list of the sellers home...,
A sponsoring broker must have a w...,
One general rule of the national ...
10  cards
Chapter 6: Brokerage Agreements
There is one authorized broker th...,
There are multiple brokers only t...,
It s the broker the right to purc...
41  cards
Chapter 7: Interest In Real Estate
The right of the government to ac...,
Process by which the government e...,
Charge on real estate to raise fu...
81  cards
Chapter 12: Transfer Of Title
Rice to ownership or actual owner...,
The legal term for the voluntary ...,
The owner who transfers the title
58  cards
Chapter 13: Title Records
When a claim is settled by a titl...,
Which of the following would be u...,
The part of the title insurance p...
28  cards
Chapter 14: Illinois Real Estate License Law
A sponsored brokers license certi...,
Before a real estate incense can ...,
Sponsored real estate brokers may...
22  cards
Chapter 15: Real Estate Financing Principles
Charging more interest than is le...,
A promissory note,
A land contract provides for the
33  cards
Chapter 16: Real Estate Financing Practice
Which pair of terms is considered...,
How is fannie mae involved with f...,
The type of real estate loan that...
30  cards
Chapter 17: Leases
Generally an oral lease for five ...,
Rent would be best defined as,
If a landlord fails to provided h...
36  cards
Chapter 18: Property Management
A real estate broker acting as an...,
Adaptions of property specificati...,
What type of insurance policy is ...
15  cards
Chapter 19: Real Estate Appraisal
In an old retail building which w...,
What is not a characteristic of v...,
The fact that still serviceable b...
36  cards
Chapter 20: Land To Use Controls And Property Development
0  cards
Chapter 21: Fair Housing And Ethical Practices
0  cards
Chapter 22: Environmental Issues And The Real Estate Transaction
0  cards
Chapter 23: Closing The Real Estate Transaction
0  cards
Warehouses factories and power pl...,
Real estate markets are best desc...,
The word improvement refers to al...
75  cards
What did the owners originally pa...,
What would you pay for a building...,
And owner agrees to list his prop...
25  cards

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